Acknowledgments In My Research of Genealogy
Much Thanks To All Who Helped Me Locate So Much Information About Mobile, Clarke, Wilcox And Choctaw Counties in Alabama. I had the names correct, but so much was missing, like dates, places of birth, marriage and death, surnames and so on. I am forever greatful to you all.
Thanks to the Mobile County Probate Court, and their staff in records, (you know who I mean, Ms. Silas Alabama), family members I have spoken with over the years, along with the most recent family members I have met online. A special thanks to Mom, Dad, Bruce, Douglas, James, Lois, L.R. Davis, Ruby, Willei (Rest In Peace), Willie, Augustine, Annie Belle, Annie Lee, Annie Ruth, Elijah, Lindsey, Johnny, Leathea, Cynthia, Jacqueline, Renee, Mattie (Rest In Peace), Flossie (Rest In Peace), Luberta, Eugene, Delores, Paul (Rest In Peace), Barbara (Rest In Peace), Regina (Rest In Peace), Peggy, Barbara Jean, Patricia, Minnie, Nancy, and Mary just to name a few. Last but not least, I am so greatful to have talked with Mr. Eddie Hubbard, (Plateau/Magazine Point) who shed some light on some things I would have never known. May he forever rest in peace. Without you, I would be just as lost as can be. Thank you all so much.



Singleton Family of Mobile County Alabama
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Welcome to our family tree!

Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This site is an attempt to record what I've learned about our family history. In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals of this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we live far apart.

On this page I've provided a little information about who I am searching for in this research. Most of this information was probably obtained from talking to living relatives and from researching public records. In the course of doing this research, I've discovered that I have many more relatives than I ever thought possible!

This is a work in progress, so please contact me if you have any information that might help round out the picture.

Selected Singleton Marriages (up to 1925, Mobile County)

From the Mobile Marriage Records, all races included.

Singleton, Aaron, married Honor May Russell, 11/14/1916 (bk.26,pg.436)
Singleton, Agnes, married Tom Williams, 6/23/1913 (bk.24,pg.115)
Singleton, Albert, married Annie Coleman, 12/7/1897 (bk.13,pg.127)
Singleton, Alberta, married Samuel Livingston, Jr., 9/22/1914 (bk.25,pg.95)
Singleton, Aline, married Eugene McMillan, 12/23/1899 (
Singleton, Allen, married Bettie Parker, 10/27/1915 (bk.25,pg.556)
Singleton, Andrew, married Gussie Brown, 2/27/1919 (bk.29,pg.191)
Singleton, Alma, married Luther Carr, 5/14/1924 (bk.33,pg.269)
Singleton, Annie, married Joseph H. Mills, Jr., 10/26/1911 (bk.22,pg.552)
Singleton, Annie, married Curtis Poe, 8/5/1918 (bk.28,pg.314)
Singleton, Ardelle, married Moses Cook, 5/2/1894 (bk.11,pg.612)
Singleton, Arlinda, married George Harris, 5/2/1894 (bk.11,pg.642)
Singleton, Augusta, married William C. Thomas, 1/3/1921 (bk.31,pg.65)
Singleton, Caeser, married Hattie Lee, 12/17/1907 (bk.20,pg.41)
Singleton, Cain, married Kittie Rhodges, 6/21/1906, (bk.18,pg.288)
Singleton, Charles, married Dicie Wylie, 6/26/1895 (bk.12,pg.119)
Singleton, Charley, married Hattie Mayo, 3/17/1915 (bk.25,pg.294)
Singleton, Charlie, married Fanny Friend, 11/18/1897 (bk.13,pg.111)
Singleton, Clarence, married Cornelia Todd, 7/25/1924 (bk.33,pg.345)
Singleton, David, married Julia Brown, 4/25/1895 (bk.12,pg.56)
Singleton, David, married Emma Ford, 10/18/1907 (bk.19,pg.529)
Singleton, David, married Georgia Black, 6/7/1916 (bk.26,pg.196)
Singleton, Delia, married John Henry Ellis, 7/8/1919 (bk.50,pg.86)
Singleton, Doc, married Ella James, 4/4/1893 (bk.11,pg.370)
Singleton, Dock, married Disie Lottiedel, 1/7/1907 (bk.14,pg.486)
Singleton, Ed, married Alma Dunlap, 4/5/1918 (bk.27,pg.481)
Singleton, Ed, married Janice Lemon, 1/21/1920 (bk.30,pg.109)
Singleton, Eddie, married Cecile Johnson, 11/9/1894 (bk.11,pg.772)
Singleton, Eddie, married Lolo Preston, 1/24/1918 (bk.27,pg.358)
Singleton, Edith A., married Edward A. Williams, 6/10/1895 (bk.12,pg.96)
Singleton, Edward, married Georgia Wedlow, 12/7/1925 (bk.34,pg.228)
Singleton, Edward E., married Pauline Perry, 1/27/1914 (bk.24,pg.128)
Singleton, Elijah, married Olivia Boyd, 1/16/1922 (bk.31,pg.569)
Singleton, Ella, married George Thomas, 10/21/1903 (bk.16,pg.301)
Singleton, Emily, married Charles Leslie Bennett, 9/28/1907 (bk.40,pg.666)
Singleton, Florita, married Herbert Steward, 3/25/1920 (bk.30,pg.226)
Singleton, Frank, married Ada Harper, 3/13/1907 (bk.19,pg.75)
Singleton, Frank, married Katie Freeman, 12/31/1913 (bk.24,pg.404
Singleton, George, married Augusta Gaines, 1/8/1908 (bk.20,pg.83)
Singleton, Gina, married Tony Dixon, 12/6/1898 (bk.13,pg.448)
Singleton, Gussie, married Murray Ankom, 3/17/1910 (bk.21,pg.425)
Singleton, Hattie, married Albert Marshall, 5/10/1905 (bk.17,pg.388)
Singleton, Helen, married Elliot Franklin, 4/4/1910 (bk.21,pg.440)
Singleton, Henrietta, married Charley Stewart, 8/10/1905 (bk.17,pg,515)
Singleton, Henrietta, married Jimmie Inge, 4/21/1908 (bk.20,pg.203)
Singleton, Horace, married Eliza Ross, 11/22/1911 (bk.22,pg.593)
Singleton, Houston, married Bessie Sanders, 5/16/1911 (bk.22,pg.331)
Singleton, Ida, married Percy Thornton, 6/4/1924 (bk.33,pg.291)
Singleton, Idell, married Willie Williams, 7/24/1922 (bk.32,pg.91)
Singleton, Jack, married Rosa Henderson, 4/18/1910 (
Singleton, James, married Frances McCoy, 7/23/1914 (bk.25,pg.8)
Singleton, James, married Evelyn York, 4/2/1920 (bk.30,pg.241)
Singleton, Jerome, married Viola Cecile Corsey, 1/20/1913 (bk.23,pg.583)
Singleton, Joe, married Mary Lee Holt, 4/22/1915 (bk.25,pg.346)
Singleton, Johney, married Mariah Coleman, 8/8/1907 (bk.19,pg.311)
Singleton, Julia, married Joe Case, 6/8/1889 (bk.10,pg.99)
Singleton, Katie, married Julius Cross, 8/13/1906 (bk.40,pg.20)
Singleton, Leon, married Annie Belle Brown, 5/31/1922 (bk.32,pg.26)
Singleton, Lizzie, married Ransom Stallworth, 10/16/1907 (bk.19,pg.508)
Singleton, Lottie, married Edward L. Sims, 10/6/1904 (bk.17,pg.104)
Singleton, Louisa, married Frank H. Harris, 1/1/1898 (bk.13,pg.156)
Singleton, Louisa Bell, married James Harper, 11/23/1921 (bk.31,pg.494)
Singleton, Lucille, married Clarence W. Thornton, 9/19/1922 (bk.32,pg.177)
Singleton, Lucy, married Henderson Dozier, 9/9/1891 (bk.10,pg.749)
Singleton, Luala, married Leroy Jones, 2/25/1925 (bk.33,pg.578)
Singleton, Macellus W., married Nettie M. Johnson, 7/25/1899(bk.13,pg.669)
Singleton, Mamie, married Jessie Williamson, 6/28/1894 (bk.11,pg,694)
Singleton, Mamie, married Walter Gortman, 3/2/1914 (bk.24,pg.478)
Singleton, Mamie E., married Robert Hall, 1/17/1919 (bk.29,pg,85)
Singleton, Marguerite, married John Madison, 10/20/1921 (bk.31,pg.451)
Singleton, Marie, married Joe E. Wrinch, 7/15/1918 (bk.28,pg.118)
Singleton, Mary, married John Wesley, 5/28/1912 (bk.23,pg,225)
Singleton, Mary, married Norman McSwain, 12/2/1918 (bk.28,pg.669)
Singleton, Mary E., married Lawrence C. Williams, 11/9/1911 (bk.43,pg.627)
Singleton, Mattie, married Horris Bishop Simmons, 1/24/1922 (bk.31,pg.575)
Singleton, Mattie Leah, married Allen C. Nicholson, 12/12/1911 (bk.22,pg.629)
Singleton, Milton, married Luvata Perry, 4/3/1917 (bk.26,pg.626)
Singleton, Monroe, married Eberlina Parker, 6/21/1913 (bk.24,pg.111)
Singleton, Nathan, married Rebecca Armstead, 6/9/1899 (bk.13,pg.625)
Singleton, Nathaniel, married Elvira Johnson, 3/27/1894 (bk.11,pg.614)
Singleton, Nathaniel, married Josephine Lee, 3/17/1923 (bk.32,pg.413)
Singleton, Nellie, married Harry Washington, 2/18/1914 (bk.24,pg.458)
Singleton, Norman, married Nellie Woodson, 11/18/1909 (bk.21,pg.256)
Singleton, Octavia, married John White, 9/7/1916 (bk.26,pg.350)
Singleton, Oscar, married Minnie LLoyd, 4/16/1923 (bk.32,pg.450)
Singleton, Pearlie, married Joseph Baker, 2/12/1894 (bk.11,pg.592)
Singleton, Reuben, married Alccia A. Henderson, 4/27/1915 (bk.25,pg.352)
Singleton, Rhoda, married Joseph Davis, 6/27/1894 (bk.11,pg.692)
Singleton, Richard, married Susie Price, 6/30/1906 (bk.18,pg.310)
Singleton, Robert T., married Polly Brown, 12/9/1903 (bk.16,pg.384)
Singleton, Rosalie, married Willie Miles, 5/21/1901 (bk.14,pg.675)
Singleton, Rosina, married Frank Taylor, 12/13/1911 (bk.22,pg.630)
Singleton, Sadie Lee, married Leander Green, 12/8/1915 (bk.25,pg.608)
Singleton, Samuel, married Marie Carter, 6/15/1918 (bk.27,pg.645)
Singleton, Sarah, married Theodore Andry, 3/28/1892 (bk.11,pg,23)
Singleton, Sarah, married Taylor Banks, 1/13/1913 (bk.23,pg.572)
Singleton, Sherman, married Lovenia Rogers, 2/21/1922 (bk.31,pg.605)
Singleton, Spencer, married Ella Thompson, 9/22/1900 (bk.14pg.367)
Singleton, Terresser, married Charley Pitts, 2/4/1899 (bk.13,pg.508)
Singleton, Thomas, married Frances Irving, 4/14/1898 (bk.13,pg.258)
Singleton, Tom, married Lula L. McCloncis, 10/30/1906 (bk.18,pg.513)
Singleton, Vertrude, married Ralph S. Hall, 9/15/1923 (bk.54,pg.122)
Singleton, Walter, married Laura Stradford, 3/25/1920 (bk.30,pg.227)
Singleton, William, married Della Juzang, 10/29/1907 (bk.19,pg.613)
Singleton, William C., married Katherine E. Sassaman, 7/28/1924 (bk.54,pg.653)
Singleton, Willie, married Marguerite Bernudy, 12/10/1913 (bk.24,pg.356)
Singleton, Willie, married Ethel Young, 2/20/1925 (bk.33,pg.572)


Photo of Ada Thompson-Harper-Singleton, my great-grandmother. Ada was born in 1867, in Bladen Springs, Choctaw County, Alabama, to Francis and Lewis Thompson. Her parents were of the Black Warrior Tribe, who lived along the Black Warrior River in Northern Alabama. They moved along the river during the slave years, and settled in Choctaw County. Ada first married a man with the surname Harper, but we don't know who he was, or when this took place. We only know she had a daughter and a son from this marriage. The sons' name is beleive to have been Winston Harper, but the daughter died at a young age. Ada later ended up in Chickasaw, Mobile County, Alabama. She soon met Frank Singleton, my great-grandfather, and they were married on March 13, 1907. They had five children together, and divorced. Ada later moved to Oak Hill, Alabama, and worked as a nurse for a Doctor, who was battling fever which broke out, killing a lot of people. Ada soon caught the fever, and passed away in Oak Hill, in the 1920s. We don't know where she is buried, but it is in Oak Hill. Some of her children stayed on in Oak Hill for a while, having families, but later, they all moved back to Plateau and Prichard, Alabama. Frank Singleton, Sr., later married Katie Freeman, on December 31, 1913.

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Charlie Benjamin, December 21, 1904-February 1970
Enoch Benjamin, Jr., July 4, 1950-May 7, 2003
Enoch Benjamin, Sr., April 7, 1906-September 19, 1984
George Benjamin, Sr., October 21, 1938-June 11, 1990
Larry James Benjamin, 1963-January 5, 1966
Larry "Tex" Benjamin, May 17, 1964-about 1991
Mattie Lucille Singleton-Benjamin, December 15, 1908-July 17, 2001.
Royal Benjamin, Sr., January 5, 1933-January 22, 1997
Tarell Benjamin, May 1999-December 1999
Betty Fountain-Harris, died January 21, 1999
Cornelius DeAngelo Harris, 1983-September 11, 2000
Samantha Wynetta Harris, 1980-April 25, 2003
Samuel Swift Harris, Sr., March 18, 1927-October 1967
Irene Holcombe-Benjamin, April 18, 1940-December 1, 1997

Agnew Singleton, April 17, 1925-January 27, 1999
Carrie E. Singleton, 1904-1962
Clarence "Boe" Singleton, July 5, 1900-October 1984
Doc Singleton, August 9, 1910- August 1988
Frank "Bookie" Singleton, Jr., April 6, 1907-January 1983
Frank Singleton, Sr., about 1860-November 21, 1941
George Washington Singleton, November 5, 1905-April 1969
James Bossie Singleton, 1902-1976
Johnnie Singleton, August 22, 1911-February 1978
Joseph Singleton, September 23, 1896-July 1966
Mary Jane Singleton, March 1899-1966
Mattie Lucille Singleton-Benjamin, December 15, 1908-July 17, 2001.
Norman Singleton, Jr., January 16, 1919-December 26, 1994
Norman Singleton, Sr., August 5, 1877-April 1975
Pauline Carolyne Singleton, February 11, 1954-July 15, 2001
Randolph Singleton, September 15, 1920-February 20, 2000
Robert T. Singleton, about 1861-January 15, 1948
Sherman Singleton, December 15, 1900-June 1979

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