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This photo has been dispayed in most of my web pages. It is of my grandfather, Enoch Benjamin, Sr., born April 7, 1907, in Oak Hill, Wilcox County Alabama. He died September 19, 1984, in Prichard, Mobile County Alabama. His parents were Richard Benjamin and Minnie McReynolds. Minnie was the descendant of Anthony, later known as Anthony McReynolds, from Virginia, but being born in the West Indies. Anthony was brought to Oak Hill as a breeder in the early 1800s. My great grandfather, Richard, was a sharecropper, making syrup. My grandfather, spent his youthful life as a cowboy and raising cattle and pigs, and his own garden. He had a great green thumb, up to the time he passed away. He became a plumber, when he moved to Mobile. He had a heart attack in front of his home, and passed away, while the ambulance workers were trying to help him.

Selected Names Of Those Who Have Passed Away (born in Wilcox County, AL)

Benjamin, Charlie, Dec. 21, 1904-Feb. 1970 (Mobile, AL)
Benjamin, Douglas McArthur,Sr.,May 12,1942-May 26,1999(Mobile, AL)
Benjamin, Enoch, Sr., Aprl 8, 1906-Sept. 1974 (Prichard, AL)
Benjamin, Ernest Grace, Nov. 1934-Oct. 2001 (Wilmington, NC)
Benjamin, Ernest, Sr., Feb. 15, 1915-Aug. 1990 (Atmore, AL)
Benjamin, Fannie Johnson, Oct. 1842-Nov. 22, 1945 (Oak Hill, AL)
Benjamin, George, Sr.,Oct. 21, 1938-Jne 11, 1990(Mobile, AL)
Benjamin, Gilbert, Sr., Feb.18,1920-Sept.1984(Pensacola, FL)
Benjamin, John, Dec. 16, 1928-June 22, 1998 (Northport, NY)
Benjamin, John (Doc), Jr., March 1, 1896-May 1981 (Jesup, GA)
Benjamin, Lewis, Sr., died Sept. 27, 1949
Benjamin, Mattie Lou (Infant) 1940 (Oak Hill, AL)
Benjamin, Melvin, Sr., Jne 5,1960-Nov. 7, 2001(McIntosh, AL)
Benjamin, Minnie McReynolds, May 1886-Jan. 1, 1950 (Oak Hill, AL)
Benjamin, Presley, died June 1934 (Birmingham, AL)
Benjamin, Richard, Dec. 1875-Aug. 7, 1947 (Oak Hill, AL)
Benjamin, Robert, 1853-about 1899 (Oak Hill, AL)
Benjamin, Royal,Sr.,Jan.5,1933-Jan. 22,1997(New Orleans, LA)
Benjamin, Sam, July 15, 1908-Oct. 1984 (Pensacola, FL)
Benjamin, Sam, Sr., July 1837-about 1903 (Oak Hill, AL)
Benjamin, Ursulla, died about 1939 (Oak Hill, AL)
Dale, Abraham, died March 1936 (Wilcox County)
Dale, Arthur L. Sr., Feb. 1, 1937-March 18, 1996 (Maxia, AL)
Dale, Bailey, Sr., March 1, 1887-June 1961 (Wilcox County)
Dale, Bodie, Sr., Dec. 19, 1914-June 21, 1998 (Pine Apple, AL)
Dale, Eddie, died Sept. 1935 (Wilcox County)
Dale, Ervin, June 13, 1905-Jan. 1985 (Pensacola, FL)
Dale, Evie D., June 8, 1904-March 16, 1954 (Wilcox County)
Dale, Frances Green, July 24, 1911-Dec. 1976 (Mobile, AL)
Dale, Grear, Sr., Jan. 20, 1917-Oct. 1972 (Camden, AL)
Dale, James, Aug. 18, 1921-Dec. 10, 1999 (Oak Hill, AL)
Dale, Jordan, Jr., Dec. 1881-Sept. 12, 1948 (Pine Apple, AL)
Dale, Junior, June 20, 1910-Feb. 1940 (Prichard, AL)
Dale, Leroy, Sr., Sept. 27, 1951-Aug. 27, 1988 (Wilcox County)
Dale, Memphis Preston, April 1, 1919-Aug. 1956 (Wilcox County)
Dale, Nathaniel (Deacon), Sept. 20, 1914-Nov. 16, 2000 (Maxia, AL)
Dale, Oscar, Sr., Aug. 24, 1922-Oct. 7, 1999 (Mobile, AL)
Dale, Willie Belle, Setp. 12, 1926-Oct. 12, 1999 (Mobile, AL)
Dale, Zannie, Jan. 1892-May 23, 1959 (McWilliams, AL)
Grace, Earnest, Nov. 1934-Oct. 2001 (Wilmington, N. C.)
Grace, George, March 28, 1872-April 15, 1978 (Oak Hill, AL)
Grace, Jimmie, Feb. 15, 1906-Aug. 1975 (Pensacola, FL)
Grace, Minnie, May 22, 1929-Oct. 16, 2000(Wilmington, N. C.)
Grace, Neely Benjamin, 1910-April 4, 1941 (Oak Hill, AL)
Grace, Ophelia McReynolds, Aug. 17, 1894-May 15, 1971 (Oak Hill, AL)
Grace, Solly, 1914-Dec. 11, 1949 (Oak Hill, AL)
Grace, Willie, April 10, 1910-Jan. 1990 (Wilcox County)
Harris, Samuel, Sr., Mch 18. 1927-Oct. 10, 1967 (Mobile, AL)
Johnson, Caleb, Jr., May 1865-Oct. 5, 1940 (Oak Hill, AL)
Johnson, David, Sept. 8, 1905-Feb. 1971 (Snow Hill, AL)
Johnson, James, June 14, 1894-Sept. 1974 (Pine Apple, AL)
Johnson, John, Nov. 25, 1898-Aug. 23, 1979 (Snow Hill, AL)
Johnson, Roosevelt, April 2, 1922-July 25, 1993 (Wilcox County)
Johnson, William, Aug. 15, 1928-Feb. 6, 1988 (Wilcox County)
Johnson, Willie, March 22, 1897-March 1972 (Furman, AL)
Johnson, Willie Sweet Hampton, Feb. 22, 1901-Sept. 13, 1978 (Snow Hill, AL)
Mayfield, Ceola McReynolds, Aug. 17, 1913-Sept. 3, 1989 (L. A. CA)
McCrackin, Neely Benjamin, 1875-about 1897 (Oak Hill, AL)
McNeely, Sallie Bell Dale, April 6, 1941-Sept. 1, 2000 (Mobile, AL)
McReynolds, Anthony, about 1794-about 1877 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, Bennie, Oct 1886-Aug. 11, 1974 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, Betsey, Feb. 1820-about 1908 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, Bonnie, Oct. 13, 1886-Jan. 1974 (Pine Apple, AL)
McReynolds, Carrie, Mch 19, 1900-Apl 15, 1972 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, Cornilius, 1863-Oct. 5, 1940 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, David, Feb. 5, 1915-Nov. 15, 1997 (Montgomery, AL)
McReynolds, Earnest, May 10, 1916-Dec. 24, 1996 (L. A. CA)
McReynolds, Eddie, Dec. 23, 1891-May 1971 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, Eddie, June 20, 1915-Aug. 24, 1984 (Wilcox County)
McReynolds, Elizabeth, 1861-1927 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, Georgianna Benjamin, Sept. 1869-Jan. 27, 1951 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, Herman, Feb. 11, 1911-Feb. 1977 (St. Augustine, FL)
McReynolds, Ida, April 8, 1906-Sept. 1970 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, Liddie, Feb. 1860-March 1926 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, Minnie, Jan. 16, 1907-May 4, 1984 (Bessemer, AL)
McReynolds, Preston, May 1836-Jan. 26, 1918 (Oak Hill, AL)
McReynolds, Sara, Mch 16, 1907-Aug. 3, 1989 (Pine Apple, AL)
McReynolds, Walter M., 1819-about 1895 (Oak Hill, AL)
Owens, Charles, Oct. 19, 1892-Feb. 23, 1975 (Caldonis, AL)
Owens, Eva Minnie Dale, June 9, 1894-Nov. 15, 1992 (CAldonis, AL)
Owens, James Ernest, March 20, 1931-Jan. 17, 1989 (Wilcox County)
Prairie, Daisy McReynolds, May 8, 1908-Jan. 30, 1993 (Oak Hill, AL)
Pressley, Annie Mat Dale, Jan. 1, 1883-Aug. 15, 1969 (Escambia County, AL)
Stallworth, Frank, 1904-about 1972 (Mobile, AL)
Stallworth, Liddie Benjamin,Jan.1,1913-Oct.22,1993(Pensacola, FL)
Stallworth, Mary B. McReynolds, Dec. 26, 1886-Jan. 30, 1990 (Oak Hill, AL)
Stallworth, Weedie, April 2,1906-Feb. 19, 1988 (Camden, AL)
Yelder, Dorothy Benjamin, died Nov. 1999 (Wilcox County)

Selected Names from the World War I Civilian Draft Registration

Grady McReynolds, born August 1, 1900 (no birth place given) rgistration, Escambeia County, FL.
Jack McReynolds, born December 3, 1898 (no birth place given) registration, Escambia County, FL.
James McReynolds, born September 8, 1894, Allenton, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Joe McReynolds, born May 1883, relatives live in Allenton, AL, (Alton), registration, Greene County, MS.
Jonas McReynolds, born January 1873 (no place of birth given) registration, Winston County, MS.
Robert Henry McReynolds, born September 29, 1889, Allenton, AL, Registration, Escambia County, FL.
Willie Adams, born May 20, 1893, Pineapple, AL, Registration, Conecuh County, AL.
Lester Albritton, born December 16, 1895, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Allie Andrews, born February 1, 1895, Allenton, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Pomp Andrews, born Dec. 25, 1890, Pineapple, AL, Registration, Stone County, MS.
Will Borge, born Dec. 15, 1894, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Zannie Coleman, born March 6, 1897, Pine Apple, AL, registration, Marion County, MS.
Lee Norma Crawford, born March 9, 1896, Pineapple, AL, registration, Libety County, FL.
James Davis, born Sept. 26, 1897, Father was born in Snow Hill, AL, registration, De Soto County, FL.
William Gray Davis, born June 5, 1895, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Robert Dean, born June 1, 1889, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Berry Dorcey, born 1893, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Autauga County, AL.
James Lee Eason/Eaton, born June 23, 1899, relatives lived in Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Andrew Evans, born Feb. 22, 1896, Oak Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Grover Fields, born 1896, Snow Hill, AL., registration, Escambia County, FL.
Willie Gadsden, born July 22, 1888, Snow Hill, AL., registration, Escambia County, FL.
Willie George, born about 1891, Pine Apple, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Peter Griffith, born Nov. 13, 1872, relatives lived RFD Pine Apple, AL, registration, EScambia County, FL.
John Tommie Gurley, born Oct. 29, 1893, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Polk County, FL.
John Harris, born July 4, 1900, lived in Allenton (Alleton), AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Charlie Jackson, born March 23, 1898, relatives live in Oak Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Jack Jackson, born Aug. 15, 1888, Pine Apple, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Willie Jackson, born 1897, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Andrew James, born Dec. 5, 1895, Pine Apple, AL, registration, Madison County, MS.
Simon Jefferson, born about 1895, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Charles Jones, (no dates), lived in Oak Hill, AL, registration, Hancock County, MS.
Howard Jones, born about 1887, Pineapple, AL, registration, Polk County, FL.
Will B. Joyner, born March 18, 1900, relatives lived in Pine Apple, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Charlie Lewis, born Sept. 28, 1889, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Stone County, MS.
Sam Lewis, born Aug. 26,1891, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Jackson County, MS.
Will Linam/Liman, born March 6, 1884, Mother lived in Allenton, AL, registration, Santa Rosa, FL.
Louis Lindsey, born about 1887, Pine Apple, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Earving/Erving Luca/Luchas, born June 30, 1888, Pineapple, AL, registration, De Soto County, FL.
Willie Lucas, born April 10, 1897, Pineapple, AL, registration, Harrison County, MS.
Henry McBride, born May 5, 1892, Oak Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Mack McBride/McMillan, born Sept. 24, 1887, Oak Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Dan McOnica/McConnico, born 1896, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Holmes County, FL.
D.C. Mims, born March 3, 1893, Snow Hill, AL., registration, Escambia County, FL.
Lester Mitchell, born about 1893, Pine Apple, AL, registration, Escambie County, FL.
Will Mitchell, born July 2, 1896, Lower Peach Tree, AL, registration, Santa Rosa County, FL.
James Pearson, born Sept. 25, 1894, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Leake County, MS.
Will Purifoy, born March 19, 1889, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
George Reynolds, born 1889, Pine Apple, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Houston Riley, born Nov. 24, 1893, Oak Hill, AL, registration, Hancock County, MS.
Eli Robinson, born July 3, 1886, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Wolthall County, MS.
Louis Sanders, born about 1887, Snow Hill, MS/AL, registration, Perry County, MS.
John Ira Edo Smith, born June 15, 1886, Pine Apple, AL., registration, Escambia County, FL.
Leslie Smith, born 1895, Pineaplle, AL, registration, Stone County, MS.
Ed Spears, born 1892, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Madison County, LA.
Will Stallworth, born Dec. 10, 1888, Pine Apple, AL., registration, Escambia County, FL.
Fredrick Stewart, born Sept. 18, 1898, relatives lived in Snow Hill, AL., registration, Escambia County, FL.
Richard Tate, born June 12, 1892, Oak Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Walter Taylor, born May 25, 1876, relatives lived in Snow Hill, AL, registration, Putnam County, FL.
Abe Thornton, born Feb. 13, 1898, relatives lived in Allenton, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Daniel Toty, born Nov. 22, 1887, Oak Hill, AL, registration, Volusia County, FL.
Roy Vicker, born July 7, 1893, Pine Apple, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Jessie Watson, born Aug. 15, 1891, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Joe Watts, born Aug. 20, 1880, relatives live in Pineapple, AL, registration Perry County, MS.
Walter Williams, born June 28, 1886, relatives lived in Pine Apple, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
John Willman/Wilman, born 1896, Oak Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Charlie Wilmar, born Oct. 1894, Oak Hill, AL, registration, Escambie County FL.
Jessie Wilmore, born Feb. 7, 1883, Mother lives in Oak Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Dock Wooden, born about 1877, relatives lived in Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Johny Wooden, born 1891, Snow Hill, AL, registration, Escambia County, FL.
Ed Young, born Aug. 15, 1891, Snow Hill, AL., registrattion, Escambia County, FL.

Most of these names were found on the Ancestry.com, WWI Civilian Draft Registrations, and are all African American.

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Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This site is an attempt to record what I've learned about our family history. In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals of this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we live far apart.

On this page I've provided a little information about who I am trying to locate which is what inspired me to do this research. Most of this information was probably obtained from talking to living relatives and from researching public records. In the course of doing this research, I've discovered that I have many more relatives than I ever thought possible!

This is a work in progress, so please contact me if you have any information that might help round out the picture.

Some Family Marriages, Birth and Death Records (combined)

Esther Benjamin, born March 1867 (Married a Ramsey)

Georgiana Benjamin, September 1869-January 27, 1951, daughter of Sam and Fannie Benjamin (Married "Neal" Corenlia McReynolds, 1885)

"Baby Mattie Lou Singleton-Benjamin" born 1926-1926, lived five days, daughter of Enoch and Mattie Benjamin.

Charlie Benjamin, December 21, 1904-February 1970, son of Richard and Minnie Benjamin.

Columbus "Lumb" Benjamin, Sr., born May 1878, son of Sam Benjamin and Fannie Johnson (Married Flora)

Dorothy Benjamin, born in Rosebud, AL, died November 1999, daughter of Sam Benjamin and Nancy Mae Ramsey-Benjamin. She had married a Yelder, and had three children. She was a dedicated member of the Rosebud AME Family Church.

Enoch Benjamin, Sr., April 7, 1906-September 19, 1984, son of Minnie McReynolds and Richard "Dick" Benjamin (married Mattie Lucille Singleton, in 1932, daughter of Ada Thompson and Frank Singleton, Sr.)

Ernest Benjamin, Sr., February 15, 1915-August 1990, in Atmore, Alabama, son of Minnie and Richard Benjamin.

Ernest Grace Benjamin, November 1934-October 2001. He was buried November 1, 2001, in Wilmington, N. C. Ernest was the son of Nealy Benjamin and Sollie Grace. He was born in Oak Hill, AL, and died in Wilmington, where he lived for a number of years.

Esther Benjamin, daughter of Minnie McReynolds and Richard "Dick" Benjamin (married John Earnest McBride)

George "Jake" Benjamin, Sr., October 21, 1968-June 11, 1990, in Mobile, Alabama, son of Enoch and Mattie Benjamin.

Georgia Benjamin, born in 1917, daughter of Richard and Minnie Benjamin (married Lester Robins)

Gilbert Benjamin, Sr., February 18, 1920-September 1984, in Pensacola, Florida, son of Richard and Minnie Benjamin.

John Benjamin, Sr., born July 1872 (Married Janey/Jinnie in 1895)

John Benjamin, December 16, 1928-June 22, 1998, in Northport, New York, son of Liddie Benjamin.

Lewis Benjamin, born in the 1920s-September 27, 1949, son of Richard and Minnie Benjamin. He married Rosa Lee Thomas.

Liddy Benjamin, January 1, 1913-October 22, 1993, in Pensacola, Florida, daughter of Minnie and Richard Benjamin (married Jim Jenkins, then Howard Stallworth)

Mack Arthur Benjamin, Sr., May 12, 1942-May 26, 1999, in Mobile, Al., son of Mattie and Enoch Benjamin. He is buried in Prichard Memorial Cemetery, Prichard, AL.

Melvin "Jaboe" Jenkins-Benjamin, Sr., June 5, 1930-November 7, 2001. Buried in Vaughn Cemetery, McIntosh, Washington County, AL. The son of Mattie Singleton-Benjamin, and raised by Enoch Benjamin, Sr. like a son, in Mobile County. He lived in McIntosh for a number of years. He married Irene "Tiny" Pressley, and had seven children.

Nealy Benjamin, 1875-1898 (Married a McCracken)

Neely Benjamin, 1910-April 4, 1941 (Married Solly Grace)

Presley Benjamin, born in the 1920s- June 1934, son of Richard and Minnie Benjamin. He died in Birmingham, AL.

Richard "Dick" Benjamin, December 1875-August 7, 1947 (Married Minnie McReynolds, 1904)

Robert Benjamin, 1853-about 1878 (Married Becky)

Royal Benjamin, Sr., January 5, 1933-January 22, 1997, son of Enoch and Mattie Benjamin (married Irene Holcomb, December 12, 1983. they both were buried in Mobile, Al., in 1997)

Sam Benjamin, July 15, 1908-October 1984, son of Richard and Minnie Benjamin (Married Nancy Mae Ramsey)

Sam Benjaim, Jr., Born 1871 (married Willie McWhortes?)

Sam Benjaim, Sr., July 1837-between 1910-1920(Married Fannie Johnson, daughter of Richard "Dick" Johnson and Esther Bythwood)

Armastad Bythewood, born April 1844 (married Emma Johnson)

Charles Bythewood, born March 1874 (Married Elizabeth, in 1907)

Samptes Bythewood, born May 1878 (Married Mary, in 1910)

Bailey Dale, Sr., March 1, 1887-June 1961, son of Jordan
and Orlean Dale (married Lizzie McReynolds and then Zeola)

Bodie Dale, Sr., December 19, 1914-June 21, 1998, son of Henry Dale, Sr. (married Frankie Lee Fore)

Curt Dale, born May 1886, son of Preston McReynolds (married Lucy McBride)

Grear Dale, Sr., January 20, 1917-October 1972, son of Martha and Henry Dale, Jr.

Henry Dale, Jr., born in 1885, son of Henry Dale, Sr. and Sarah Andrews (married Martha Bonner)

James Dale, August 21, 1921-December 10, 1999, son of Julia Stallworth and Zolly Jackson, served in World War II.

Jordan Dale, Jr., December 1881-September 12, 1948, son of Jordan and Orlean Dale (married Elizabeth in 1899)

Mack Dale, Sr., born August 1880, son of Preston McReynolds (married Jane Bonner)

Manervie Dale, born about 1880, daughter of Wils Dale (married John Hampton, in 1897)

"Memphis" Preston Dale, April 1, 1919-August 1956.

Nathaniel Dale, September 20, 1914-November 16, 2000, son of Henry and Martha Dale.

Oscar Dale, Sr., August 24, 1922-October 7, 1999 (died in Mobile,Al.)

Sherman Dale, born June 1899, son of Jordan Dale, Sr. (married Susie Daniels)

Minnie "Susie" Grace, May 22, 1922-October 16, 2000. She married a Nicholson, and had four children. She was born in Oak Hil, AL, and passed away in Wilmington, N. C. Minnie was the daughter of Neely Benjamin-Grace and Solly/Sollie Grace.

Ned Grace, born about 1810 (Married Phyllis)

Solly Grace, 1914-December 11, 1949

Willie "Sweet" Hampton, February 22, 1901-September 13, 1978, daughter of Manervie and John Hampton.

Amos Harris, November 1888-May 1, 1958 (Married Julia McReynolds)

Samuel Swift Harris, Sr., March 18, 1927-October 1967, son of Mattie Singleton and Matthew "Mat" Harris, died in Mobile, Al.(married Betty Fountain, daughter of Lizzie Allen and Jim Fountain). He is buried in Old Plateau Cemetery, next to his little nephew, Larry James Benjamin, in Magazine Point, Alabama.

Zebede Harris, died September 2, 1958

Abram Johnson, born May 1865, son of Mahalie McReynolds (married Franny)

Caleb Johnson, May 1865-October 5, 1940, son of Mahalie McReynolds (married Mary)

David Johnson, September 8, 1905-February 1971, son of Caleb and Mary Johnson.

Emma Eliza Johnson, born October 1847, in Virginia (Married Armastad Bythewood)

Fannie Johnson, October 1840-November 22, 1945 (Married Sam Benjamin, Sr.)

James Johnson, June 14, 1894-September 1974, son of Caleb and Mary Johnson.

Lewis Johnson, born 1858, in Virginia (Married Beckie)

Millie Johnson, born 1841 (Married Lewis Newberry)

Nelson Johnson, born 1815 (Married Nina)

Richard "Dick" Johnson, born 1814, in South Carolina (Married Esther)

Sampton Johnson, born October 1852, in Virginia (Married Manerva)

Willie Johnson, March 22, 1897-March 1972, son of Mary and Caleb Johnson (married Margeret in about 1916)

Charlie Lee McBride, born February 26, ?, in Oak Hill, AL, and died about 1999, in Mississippi. He is buried in Monroe County. He was the son of of Easter Benjamin-McBride, and John Earnest McBride. He had married M. M. Pugh, and had a family.

Albert McReynolds, born August 1880, son of Daniel McReynolds, Sr. (married Janie in about 1902)

Ann McReynolds, born about 1857, daughter of Anthony (married Whit Steen about 1896, and later married Ben Nelson)

Ben McReynolds, born March 1871, son of Wilson McReynolds (married Harriette in 1894)

Benny McReynolds, October 1886-August 11, 1974

Bonny McReynolds, October 13, 1886-January 1974

Ceola McReynolds, August 17, 1913- September 3, 1989 (Married a Mayfield)

Cornelius "Neal" McReynolds, 1863-October 5, 1940, son of Jack McReynolds (married Georgiana Benjamin, in 1885, daughter of Sam and Fannie Benjamin)

Curt McReynolds, born March 15, 1871 (married Harriet Grace in 1894, daughter of Sarah Andrews Grace.)

Daisy McReynolds, May 8, 1908-January 30, 1993 daughter of John and Elizabeth McReynolds (married Abram Prairie)

David McReynolds, February 5, 1915-November 15, 1997, son of Joe and Ellen McReynolds.

Dora McReynolds, born about 1855, daughter of Anthony (married Wesley "West" Nelson, about 1873)

Earnest McReynolds, May 10, 1916-December 24, 1996.

Enoch McReynolds, born about 1865 (Married Lidia Johnson)

Eddie McReynolds, December 23, 1891-May 1971, son of Evans and Liddie McReynolds (married Emma)

Eddie McReynolds, June 20, 1915-August 24, 1985, so of Ben and Harriette McReynolds.

Edmond McReynolds, born about 1845 (married Jane Jones in 1861)

Evan "Eve" McReynolds, born January 1853 (Married Lydia "Liddie")

Henry McReynolds, born October 1862, son of Edmond McReynolds (married Sarah "Babe" Andrews)

Herman McReynolds, February 11, 1911-February 1977.

Joe McReynolds, born January 1888, son of Evans and Betsey McReynolds (married Ellen)

John McReynolds, born May 1851, son of Walter and Betsey McReynolds (married Winnie, about 1887)

John McReynolds, born about 1873 (married Elizabeth Stallworth)

Lucy McReynolds, born about 1841, daughter of Walter and
Betsey McReynolds (married Porter Borgmont)

Mary B. McReynolds, December 26, 1886- January 30, 1990 (Married Will Stallworth)

Minnie McReynolds, May 1886-January 1, 1950, daughter of Eve and Liddie McReynolds (married Richard "Dick" Benjamin, in about 1904, son of Sam Benjamin and Fannie Johnson). Minnie and Richard Benjamin, are both buried in the Rosebud AME Church Cemetery, in Wilcox County, AL.

Ophelia McReynolds, August 17, 1894-May 15, 1971, daughter of Henry and Sarah McReynolds (married Pete Grace)

Phillip McReynolds, born March 1834 (married Fannie)

Preston McReynolds, May 1836-January 26, 1918 (married Sealie Stallworth, about 1873, and Polly, afterwards)

Sammie McReynolds, born June 1895, son of Evans and Betsey McReynolds (married Carrie Steen in 1914)

Susan McReynolds, bron December 1898 (married Daniel Mimms)

Walter "Moulton" McReynolds, bron about 1819, in Virginia (married Betsey in Oak Hill, Alabama)

Wiston McReynolds, born about 1847 (married Betty Dixon, daughter of Willy Dixon)

Janie Newberry, born 1890 (Married a Williams)

Johnnie Newberry, born August 1863 (Married Rachel Rose)

Lewis C. Newberry, born 1869 (Married Hannah/Anna about 1888)

Nora Newberry,(A Man) born May 1886 (Married Janie)

Eddie Ramsey, born January 1887 (Married Lillie in 1902)

Selected Names From The Alabama Death Index

Wilcox County

Benjamin, Earthy, Oct. 1927, Roll 2, page 25732
Benjamin, Easter, May 21, 1917, page 323, roll 1
Benjamin, Fannie, Nov. 27, 1948, Vol. 38, Cert.#21906, r.4
Benjamin, Helen, July 1938, roll 3, page 16655
Benjamin, Infant, of Earl Benjamin, Nov. 1931, page 25732, roll 2
Benjamin, Lewis, Sept. 27, 1949, Vol. 39, Cert.#19089, r.5
Benjamin, Mary J., Jan. 1930, roll 2, page#2374
Benjamin, Nealy, April 4, 1941, Vol. 21, Cert.#10250
Benjamin, P., Feb. 1936, roll 3, page 5321
Benjamin, Presley, June 1934, roll 3, page#14526
Brown, Becky, April 16, 1909, v.21, cert.#341, r.1
Brown, Bella, May 19, 1916, v.41, cert.#139, r.1
Brown, Jackson, Feb. 7, 1909, v.21, cert.#333, r.1
Brown, John, Aug. 11, 1915, v.37, cert.#545, r.1
Brown, Lucy, Aug. 13, 1916, v.41, cert.#166, r.1
Brown, Lucy, Aug. 13, 1916, v.41, cert.#167, r.1
Brown, Mandy, April 23, 1916, v.41, cert.#145, r.1
Brown, Mary, Sept. 14, 1914, v.39, cert.#24, r.1
Brown, Porter, April 19, 1915, v.37, cert.#557, r.1, Parent
Brown, Rachel, April 28, 1914, v.39, cert.#30, r.1
Brown, Rachel, July 2, 1914, v.39, cert.#43, r.1
Brown, Rachil, Aug. 9, 1913, v.37, cert.#269, r.1
Brown, Susan, April 14, 1915, v.37, cert.#559, r.1
Brown, William, June 12, 1914, v.39, cert.#40, r.1
Brown, Winnie, Oct. 8, 1915, v.37, cert.#569, r.1
Calhoun, Ike, Nov. 10, 1915, v.37, cert.#593, r.1
Calhoun, Mittie, Nov. 22, 1914, v.39, cert.#62, r.1
Calhoun, Rachel, May 30, 1914, v.39, cert.#60, r.1
Calhoun, Sandy, June 1916, v.41, cert.#176, r.1
Dale, Abraham, March 1937, v. 16, cert.#7995, roll 3
Dale, Andrew, Jan. 7, 1942, v. 43, cert.#2194, roll 4
Dale, Beatrice, June 18, 1947, v. 26, cert.#12819, roll 5
Dale, Bessie, Jan. 15, 1953, v. 5, cert.#2198, roll 5
Dale, Bodie, June 1938, v. 30, cert.#14704, roll 3, INF
Dale, Calvin S., Aug. 1923, v. 36, pg. 17972, roll 2
Dale, Celia, Dec. 1, 1920, v. 50, pg. 24986, roll 2
Dale, Clara, Dec. 22, 1945, v. 49, cert.#2447, roll 4
Dale, Cora, June 25, 1915, v. 38, cert.#35, roll 1
Dale, Eddie, Sept. 1935, v. 42, pg. 20762, roll 3
Dale, Eldridge, Oct. 9, 1915, v. 38, cert.#25, roll 1
Dale, Ella, May 1934, v. 25, pg. 12092, roll 3
Dale, Elmira, June 1, 1951, v. 32, cert.#15751, roll 5
Dale, Emily, Oct. 1933, v. 55, cert.#27260, roll 3
Dale, Harry, Nov. 1928, v. 57, pg. 28103, roll 2
Dale, Hattie, May 1937, v. 32, cert.#15625, roll 3
Dale, Henry, March 1931, v. 16, pg. 7580, roll 2
Dale, Infant, April 9, 1921, v. 15, pg. 7499, roll 2, inf. of Preston Dale
Dale, Irving, July 15, 1943, v. 30, cert.#2194, roll 4
Dale, Iva J., Sept. 19, 1941, v. 43, cert.#21411, roll 4
Dale, James, April 1933, v. 18, cert.#08569, roll 3
Dale, Jettie D. P., April 11, 1944, v. 26, cert.#8597, roll 4
Dale, John, Oct. 10, 1915, v. 38, cert.#23, roll 1
Dale, John T., Jan. 1935, v. 5, pg. 2388, roll 3
Dale, Jordan, Dec. 1923, v. 54, pg. 26533, roll 2
Dale, Jordan, Sept. 12, 1948, v. 39, cert.#19267, roll 5
Dale, Joseph, June 1927, v. 26, pg. 12881, roll 2
Dale, Julia Mae, Aug. 1933, v. 35, cert.#17109, roll 3
Dale, Junious, March 9, 1955, v. 22, cert.#10672, roll 5
Dale, Lillie R., June 15, 1951, v. 55, cert.#27216, roll 5
Dale, Liza, Nov. 30, 1951, v. 38, cert.#19, roll 1
Dale, Lizzie, Sept. 1936, v. 56, pg. 27732, roll 3
Dale, Lizzie, Sept. 1, 1950, v. 39, cert.#19229, roll 5, INF
Dale, Lizzie B., May 10, 1954, v. 22, cert.#10610, roll 5
Dale, Martha, June 6, 1943, v. 26, cert.#12532, roll 4
Dale, Martha B., Feb. 2, 1950, v. 8, cert.#3976, roll 5
Dale, Mrs. J.C., Feb. 1934, v. 8, pg. 3964, roll 3
Dale, Pearly M., June 1938, v. 30, cert.#14705, roll 3
Dale, Phebie (Willie), May 1932, v. 23, pg. 11184, roll 2
Dale, Preston, Jan. 26, 1918, v. 21, pg. 94, roll 1
Dale, Ruth, Jan. 1931, v. 5, pg. 2341, roll 2
Dale, Samuel P., May 20, 1959, v. 24, cert.#11539, roll 5
Dale, Sherley A., Sept. 15, 1957, v. 40, cert.#19856, roll 5
Dale, Thomas, March 2, 1953, v. 13, cert.#6426, roll 5
Dale, Tupper, April 7, 1956, v. 18, cert.#8696, roll 5
Dale, W. D., Feb. 20, 1920, v. 19, pg. 9164, roll 2
Dale, Willie, Aug. 10, 1949, v. 35, cert.#17102, roll 5
Dale, Wilson, July 1931, v. 35, pg. 17083, roll 2
Dale, Zannie, May 12, 1915, v. 38, cert.#38, roll 1, INF
Dale, Zannie, May 23, 1959, V. 24, cert.#11536, roll 5
Goode, Charles C., Dec. 1937, v. 61, cert. 30333, roll 3
Goode, David, April 15, 1915, v. 38, cert. 80, roll 1, INF
Goode, Mrs. David, Sept. 12, 1920, v. 38, pg. 18914, roll 2
Goode, Phillis, Sept. 1939, v. 42, cert. 20864, roll 3
Goode, Jr., R. J., July 29, 1915, v. 38, cert. 66, roll 1
Goode, Samuel M., Feb. 8, 1948, v. 9, cert. 4401, roll 5
Goode, Thomas, Oct. 29, 1957, v. 45, cert. 22396, roll 5
Harris, Amos, May 1, 1958, v. 35, cert. 17170, roll 6
Harris, Annie, June 15, 1915, v.38, cert.#111, r.1
Harris, Bradfield, Sept. 6, 1953, v. 40, cert. 19610, roll 6
Harris, Clara, Feb. 2, 1916, v.41, cert.#266, r.1
Harris, Craddock, Feb. 16, 1953, v. 10, cert. 4746, roll 6
Harris, Ed, Sept. 3, 1915, v.38, cert.#97, r.1
Harris, Flavie F., Oct. 22, 1954, v. 47, cert. 23115, roll 6
Harris, Henry, March 20, 1953, v. 15, cert.#7023, roll 6
Harris, Jene, March 10, 1910, v.26, cert.#269, r.1
Harris, Jim B., Nov. 25, 1915, v.38, cert.#114, r.1
Harris, Lou, Feb. 21, 1958, v. 11, cert.#5258, roll 6
Harris, Martha, July 24, 1915, v.38, cert.#91, r.1
Harris, Mary G., Dec. 18, 1953, v. 52, cert.#2677, roll 6
Harris, Nelse, Jan. 26, 1954, v. 5, cert.#2176, roll 6
Harris, Parent, April 12, 1916, v.41, cert.#270, r.1
Harris, Reisie P., April 18, 1951, v. 19, cert.#9161, roll 5
Harris, Willie, April 25, 1949, v. 18, cert. 8580, roll 5
Johnson, Allen, April 25, 1915, v. 38, cert.#172, r.1
Johnson, Annie, July 18, 1915, v. 38, cert.#149, r.1
Johnson, Belle, Oct. 30, 1915, v.38, cert.#143, r.1
Johnson, Mrs. Bert, July 2, 1915, v.38, cert.#147, r.1
Johnson, Betsy, Nov. 27, 1914, v.39, cert.#138, r.1
Johnson, Bough, May 1, 1909, v.21, cert.#386, r.1
Johnson, Bow, April 16, 1916, v.41, cert.#288, r.1
Johnson, Buck, July 5, 1916, v.41, cert.#306, r.1
Johnson, Eddie, Sept, 1910, v.26, cert,#282, r.1
Johnson, Eddy Peren, Jr., Sept, 30, 1910, v.26, cert.#277, r.1
Johnson, Ewan, Feb. 1910, v.26, cert.#284, r.1
Johnson, Felex, March 14, 1909, v.21, cert.#388, r.1
Johnson, Francis, Sept. 15, 1908, v.9, cert.#230, r.1
Johnson, Frank, May 8, 1915, v.38, cert.#169, r.1
Johnson, G. G., April 28, 1910, v.26, cert/#274, r.1
Johnson, Henry, Feb. 27, 1916, v.41, cert.#292, r.1
Johnson, Israil, Jan. 28, 1916, v.41, cert.#296, r.1
Johnson, Jennie, Feb. 13, 1914, v.39, cert.#132, r.1, INF
Johnson, Joe, May 11, 1915, v.38, cert.#166, r.1
Johnson, Lillie, June 12, 1910, v.26, cert.#179, r.1 Parent
Johnson, Lucy, Sept. 15, 1914, v.39, cert.#128, r.1
Johnson, Lucy, April 6, 19136, v.41, cert.#289, r.1
Johnson, Luvinia, Oct. 7, 1914, v.39, cert.#127, r.1
Johnson, Mary, Aug. 6, 1910, v.26, cert.#390, r.1
Johnson, Minnie, June 2, 1916, v.41, cert.#299, r.1
Johnson, Mollie, Dec .14, 1909, v.21, cert.#390, r.1
Johnson, Pearlie, May 6, 1915, v.38, cert.#170, r.1
Johnson, Perry, June 28, 1909, v.9, cert.#238, r.1
Johnson, Persie, June 1915, v.38, cert.#165, r.1, Parent
Johnson, Sam, May 15, 1916, v.41, cert.#286, r.1
Johnson, Tom, March 18, 1915, v.38, cert.#174, r.1
Johnson, Walter, June 5, 1915, v.38, cert.#148, r.1
Johnson, Wess, Feb. 14, 1915, v.38, cert.#136, r.1
Johnson, Will, Jan. 23, 1914, v.39, cert.#133, r.1, INF
Johnson, William, May 27, 1910, v.36, cert.#273, r.1
Johnson, William L., May 1908, v.9, cert.#239, r.1
Malone, John H., Jan. 25, 1914, v.39, cert.#176, r.1
Malone, Lottie, NOv. 24, 1914, v.39, cert.#181, r.1
Malone, Nancy, Aug. 17, 1912, v.32, cert.#484, r.1
Malone, Rudie, April 11, 1916, v.41, cert.#336, r.1
McReynolds, Curt, Nov. 1926, page 27117
McReynolds, Curt, Aug. 1937, vol. 41, cert.#20403, roll 3
McReynolds, Edward, Feb. 1924, page 4628
McReynolds, Ellie, March 1923, page 9498
McReynolds, Georgia, Ja. 27, 1951, vol.5, cert.#2058, roll 5
McReynolds, Harriette, Jan. 1931, roll 3, KM, page 2343
McReynolds, Henry, July 1934, roll 3, page 16944
McReynolds, James, Dec. 1927, roll 2, page 26521
McReynolds, Jane, April 26, 1915, Vol. 38, Cert.#329
McReynolds, Jane, May 24, 1915, Vol. 38, Cert.#243
McReynolds, Lethia, July 1934, roll 3, page 16928
McReynolds, Liddy, March 1926, roll 2, page 15565
McReynolds, Liza, Dec. 3, 1950, vol. 53, cert.#26404, roll 5
McReynolds, Lizzie, Dec. 15, 1915, Vol. 38, Cert.#279
McReynolds, Lizzie, Feb. 1927, roll 2, page 3845
McReynolds, Loby, May 5, 1952, vol. 23, cert.#11141, roll 6
McReynolds, Mac, June 1933, Vol. 26, cert.#12795, roll 3
McReynolds, Mary E., Oct. 1924, page 22632
McReynolds, Nancy, March 1923, page 6871
McReynolds, Nathan, Feb. 28, 1953, vol. 10, cert.#4719, roll 6, INF
McReynolds, Neal, Oct. 5, 1940, vol. 49, cert.#24399
McReynolds, Pempey, Dec. 9, 1921, page 23127
McReynolds, Rachel, Aug. 23, 1920, page 15977
McReynolds, Sarah, May 17, 1956, vol. 27, cert.#13066, r.6
McReynolds, Thos, Oct. 1928, roll 2, page 24792
McReynolds, Violet, Feb. 10, 1949, vol. 8, cert.#3914, r.5
McReynolds, Willie, Jan. 29, 1942, vol. 5, cert.#2192 r.4
Pugh, Callie, Nov. 13, 1958, v.53, cert.#26064, r.6
Pugh, Isaac, Nov. 29, 1955, v.53, cert.#26203, r.6
Pugh, Jasper N., Nov. 2, 1953, v.48, cert.#23839, r.6
Pugh, John A., May 31, 1954, v.26, cert.#4259, r.6
Pugh, Johnny, Feb. 10, 1955, v.9, cert.4259, r.6
Stallworth, Amonlla, Nov. 26, 1915, v.3?, cert.#347, r.1
Stallworth, Annie, Aug. 1935, v.38, r.3, pg.#18718
Stallworth, Arline, May 1939, v.25, cert.#12008, r.3
Stallworth, Arthur L., April 1924, v.19, r.2, pg.#9497
Stallworth, Ben, June 1931, v.30, r.3, pg.#14887
Stallworth, Celia, June 17, 1948, v.27, cert.#13215, r.5
Stallworth, Cora, July 11, 1940, v.36, cert.#17671, r.4
Stallworth, Dell, June 1923, v.28, r.2, pg.#1366
Stallworth, Dilcie, April 1923, v.19, r.2, pg.#9148
Stallworth, Dora, June 1934, v.30, r.3, pg.#14532
Stallworth, Dovie, July 1924, v.34, r.2, pg.#16514
Stallworth, Eddie, June 1931, v.30, r.3, pg.#14895
Stallworth, Emma, Feb. 23, 1952, v.9, cert.#4191, r.6
Stallworth, Emma D., April 1926, v.22, r.2, pg.#10694
Stallworth, Erins, Oct. 3, 1949, v.43, cert.#21243, r.5
Stallworth, Eugene J., May 1928, v.16, r.3, pg.#7983
Stallworth, Eula M., Aug. 14, 1945, v.33, cert.#16084, r.4
Stallworth, Fannie, March 1928, v.16, r.3, pg.#7987, F.
Stallworth, Hasetire, Nov. 1939, v.51, cert.#25340, r.3
Stallworth, Harrison, June 1929, v.55, r.3, pg.#17277
Stallworth, Henry, Aug, 8, 1944, v.34, cert.#16789, r.4
Stallworth, Hup, Oct. 1916, v.41, cert.#477, r.1, Parent
Stallworth, Jennie, April 12, 1921, v.15, r.2, pg.#7495
Stallworth, John, June 1925, v.31, r.2, pg.#15181
Stallworth, John, March 1936, v.18, r.3, pg.#8540
Stallworth, John D., June 28, 1952, v.27, cert.#13483, r.6
Stallworth, John E., June 4, 1946, v.25, cert.#12150, r.4
Stallworth, Josephine, Sept. 1935, v.42, r.3, pg.#20761
Stallworth, Judia, June 1927, v.26, r.2, pg.#12882
Stallworth, Julia Lee, Aug. 1932, v.36, r.3, pg.#17790
Stallworth, Kate, Dec. 16, 1952, v.54, cert.#26670, r.6
Stallworth, Leah, June 11, 1954, v.26, cert.#12641, r.6
Stallworth, Lealie, Dec. 7, 1944, v.51, cert.#25326, r.4
Stallworth, Lucy, Aug.25, 119, v.29, r.2, pg.#206
Stallworth, Lula, Jan. 1923, v.6, r.2, pg.#2522
Stallworth, Malissia, Oct. 1939, v.47, cert.#23005, r.3
Stallworth, Mandy, Nov. 24, 1915, v.38, cert.#358, r.1
Stallworth, Margarette, Aug. 31, 1921, v.32, r.2, pg.#15611
Stallworth, Martha, March 25, 1958, v.17, cert.#8091, r.6
Stallworth, Mary Ann, Aug. 1924, v.38, r.2, pg.#18709
Stallworth, Mary E., Nov. 1, 1949, v.48, cert.#23516, r.5
Stallworth, Millie, June 1938, v.39, cert.#19435, r.3
Stallworth, Nathan, July 1939, v.34, cert.#16582, r.3
Stallworth, nealie, Sept. 2, 1956, v.40, cert.#19611, r.6
Stallworth, Purn, Feb. 1929, v.15, r.3, pg.#7105
Stallworth, Robert, Sept. 12, 192, v.39, cert.#19669, r.4
Stallworth, Sam, June 1924, v.38, r.2, pg.#18679
Stallworth, Sam, May 1939, v.25, cert.#12009, r.3
Stallworth, Sam L., Dec. 1938, v.59, cert.#29153, r.3
Stallworth, Sonnie E., Sept. 5, 1950, v.39, cert.#19227, r.5
Stallworth, Steve, Dec. 19, 1945, v.49, cert.#24463, r.4
Stallworth, Tom, Nov. 14, 1915, v.38, cert.#345, r.1
Stallworth, Velester, Aug. 1930, v.41, r.3, pg.#20272
Stallworth, Walters, May 1935, v.25, r.3, pg.#12310
Stallworth, Will, June 1931, v.30, r.3, pg.#14894
Stallworth, William, Aug. 1924, v.38, r.2, pg.#18705
Stallworth, Willie, Jan. 1934, v.5, r.3, pg.#2206
Stallworth, Willie, April 24, 1941, v.21, cert.#10253, r.4, INF
Stallworth, Willie, April 27, 1948, v.18, cert.#8919, r.5
Stallworth, Willie May, May 1929, v.30, r.3, pg.#14675
Stallworth, Wilson, Sept. 7, 1943, v.38, cert.#18693, r.4

Wilcox County Surnames found on the Alabama Death Index, 1908-1916, Alabama Death Index, 1920-1932 and Alabama Death Index (1908-1959) at Ancestry.com.


A special thank you go out to L.D.O. Eaton, for all of the Wilcox County information she shared with me, which helped me further my research. You are the best Cousin. Other family members and researchers are; L.G. Benjamin, E.Benjamin, M.S.G. Nicholson, may she rest in peace, N.M.R. Benjamin, B.T.M. Phillips, C.Benjamin, M. A. Robins, A.L.P. Benjamin, my dad, and grandmother, may she rest in peace. The great Wilcox County Genealogy page, for giving me clues and hints, and all of those who had input in my research.


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