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Photo of Marshall Watson, Sr., my grandfather, born March 14, 1897, to Elizabeth Graham-Watson, in Gilbertown, Choctaw County, Alabama. Marshall passed away, May 14, 1980, in Mobile, Alabama. His grandparents, were Clora Campbell, and Edinborough Graham. His great grandparents were Celia and Pry/Pryor Campbell, all of Choctaw County.


Matthew "Matthie" Howard (February 18, 1905-April 14, 1972), was my grandfather, Marshall Remis Watson's first cousin. His parents were Josephine Campbell and Noah Howard, of Gilbertown, (five miles outside of Gilbertown). Matthie married Mattie Bell Davidson (January 18, 1917-February 7, 1995), and they moved to Oakland, CA. They had a family, and lived life to the fullest. Matthie is buried in Rolling Hills Memorial Park, in Richmond, CA. He died at Brookside Hospital, in San Pablo, CA.


Photo of Marzett Hawkins, Sr. (October 3, 1921-March 1982). Marzett was my mom's first cousin. His parents were Amie Watson and Rail Hawkins. Marzett married Alberta Kirksey, and moved to Alliance, Ohio, where they raised their family. I can truely say, he was a very nice looking man, and is buried in the City Cemetery of Alliance, Ohio. I only wished I got a chance to meet him.


Photo of Simmie Graham (August 29, 1907-December 21, 1994). Simmie was my grandfather, Marshall Remis Watson's first cousin. They were very close. The photo of Simmie, and the photo of Marshall, above, were taken on the same day. Simmie's parents were Aaron "Uncle Bone" Graham and Henrietta. Simmie was born in Toxey, Choctaw County, Alabama, and passed away in Mobile. He lived most of his life in Plateau, Alabama. He buried near my grandparents, Enoch and Mattie Benjamin, in the Old Plateau Cemetery, est. 1876, in Magazine Point, Alabama. Simmie had several wives, and several children. I have great memories of him, while visiting Plateau as a child.


Photo of Marshall Chapman, born July 1948, and died in about 1988. Marshall Chapman was my grandfather, Marshall Watson, Sr.'s cousin, Wes Chapman's son. Wes's parents were Flora Watson, Marshall's older sister, and an unknown Chapman man, of Gilbertown, Alabama.


Photo is in very bad condition, but if you knew Samuel Leon "Dank" Graham, Sr., then you can almost make out that the photo is him. Samuel was born June 13, 1939, in Toxey, Alabama, and passed away, July 12, 2001, in Mobile, Alabama. He was my grandfather's second cousin, on his mother's side.


Very bad photo of Mary Campbell-Hayes, second cousin to my grandmother. Though most of her family was born in Clarke County, she and a few of her siblings were born in Bladen Springs, Choctaw County, Alabama. Sister Mary was born October 18, 1912, and passed away, March 21, 1978, in Mobile, Alabama.

Selected Marriage Info From the 1880, 1910 and 1920 Census

1880 census; John Campbell, age 55, married to Amanda, age 55, adopted Jack Green, age 8, Mt. Sterling, Alabama, Choctaw County.

Jim Graham, age 55, married to Harriet, age 30, with children; Rose age 15, Nora, age 6, Frances, age 4, and Annie, age 2.

Pompey Graham, age 25, married to Mary, age 21, with one child, Dasey, age 1.

Samantha Graham, age 40, mother of Mance Ward, age 21, who was married to Ida, age 16.

Aaron Graham, age 55, married to Lucinda, age 49, adopted Hannah, age 15, and George, age 9.

1910 census; Celia Campbell, age 67, widow, had ten children. Bety Lassiter, age 27, daughter, living with her.

Epharom Campbell, age 29, married 12 years to Annie M. age 27, had three children; Janie, age 10, Ed, age 8 and Walter, age 6. Hillore Young, age 8, is his sister-in-law, Edward Young, age 4, brother-in-law, Chester Campbell, age 16, brother, Ester, age 13, niece, and Freeman, age 15, nephew.

Clora Campbell, age 55, single, had 5 children, with only 2 living by 1910.

Elizabeth Watson, age 40, widow, had 5 children, with only 4 living; Flora, age 16, Marshall (pictured) age 15, Amy, age 10 and Chester, age 4.

Anderson D. Young, age 41, married for 22 years to Beckie, age 40, with 9 children, 8 listed, Burt, age 20, Burttie, age 18, Willie, age 16, Sill, age 14(son), Easter, age 12, Mattie, age 10, Stance, age 8 and Dave, age 11.

Daniel W. "Dan" Randolph, age 35, married to Pinkie, age 25, for 6 years, with one child, Daniel W. "Dan" Randolph, Jr., age 5.

Mitchel Jenkins, Sr., age 43, married to Fanny, age 31, for 14, years, (Mitchel's second marriage), with four of his children; Mitchell, Jr., age 19, Davie, age 16, Wilie, age 8 and Ervin, age 2.

Will West, age 24, married 1 year to Jessie, age 17.

John West, age 28, married 2 years to Ophelia, age 19, with a son, Calvin, age 1.

William West, age 34, head of household, with Mary, age 36, sister, Maggie, age 26, sister, and Selt, age 8, nephew, living with him.

Pallie Campbell, age 62, widow, with her children, Joe, age 26, Eugene, age 20, Elijah, age 22, Lizzie, age 19, Jinnie, age 17, Edna, age 14, and Mance, age 12.

Dave Graham, age 36, married 6 years to Ida, age 28, with their children; James, age 5, Sip, age 4, Julie, age 3, Jonis, age 1, and Mack F., age 3 months.

Tom Graham, age 35, married 5 years to Mary, age 23, with their children; Charles, age 4, Ulyses, age 3 and Edward, age 9 months.

Pompey Graham, age 50, married 27 years to Mary, age 43, with the following, living with them; Daisy, age 20, daughter, Doctor, age 12, grandson, Eddie, age 10, grandson, Annie May, age 7, grand daughter, and Hugh, age 24, nephew.

Dozier Graham, age 30, married 8 years to Lizzie, age 29, and their three children; Oscar, age 8, Thomas, age 6 and Johnnie, age 2.

Frank Graham, age 45, married 23, years to Sarah, age 43, with their children; Bennie, age 22, Callie, age 20, Harriet, age 17, Lulu, age 15, James, age 12, and James Baskeins, age 8, their nephew.

Thomas Campbell, age 49, married 22 years to Mary, age 38, and their children, willie, age 21, Alma, age 18, Clara, age 16, Louis, age 14, John Lee, age 12 and Mandy, age 7.

1920 census; "Bone" Graham, age 43 married to Henrietta, age 41, with their children; Sylvester, age 21, Simmie, age 13, Verdiel, age 19, (daughter), Allen, age 16, Dosker, age 14, Carol, age 8, Lydia, age 6, Aaron, age 4 and Elonzo, age 3.

Louis Brown, age 47, married to Elvira, age 26, with thier children; Mary, age 8, Ellis, age 5, John, age 9 months and his mother, Harriette, age 67.

Elizabeth Watson, age 52, widow, head of household, with the following living with her; Flora, age 24, married, daughter, Marshall, age 22, son, Amie, age 18, daughter, Chester, age 15, son, Edenborough, age 9, son, Lee Chatman, age 5, grandson, Rosie, age 2, grand daghter, Mathie Martin (real name was Mathew Howard, and he was her nephew) age 1, grandson.

Mitchell Jenksin, Sr., age 56, married to Fannie, age 42, and their children; Willie, age 16, Ervin, age 12 and Earlie, age 7.

Manuel Thomas/Thompson, age 36, married to Lottie, age 27, and their children; Addie, age 8, Louise, age 7, Earlie, age 4, Curlie, age 4, and J. C., age 3 months.

Joe Koen, age 52, married to Carrie, age 40, his second wife, with their children, Fleeter, age 16, Carrie's son, Leola Willams, age, 14, Carrie's daughter, Maggie Campbell, age 9, Carrie's daughter, Mary Campbell, age 7, Carrie's daughter, Gladys Campbell, age 2, Carrie's daughter, Leola Koen, age 13, Joe's daughter, Faundry, age 11, Joe's son, and Beatrice, age 9, Joe's son.

Daniel Randolph, Sr., age 46, married to Pinkie, age 37, their son, Daneil, Jr., age 16, and Calvin Hunret, age 45, their cousin.

Elijah Fluker, age 40, married to Alice, age 26, and their son, Preston, age 4 months. Pinkie Randolph, Carrie Koen and Alice Fluker, are all sisters, and were born in Coffeevlle.

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Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This site is an attempt to record what I've learned about our family history. In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals of this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we live far apart.

On this page I've provided a little information about who I am trying to find, and the history of these family members. Most of this information was probably obtained from talking to living relatives and from researching public records. In the course of doing this research, I've discovered that I have many more relatives than I ever thought possible!

This is a work in progress, so please contact me if you have any information that might help round out the picture.

Some Family Marriage, Birth and Death Records (Combined)

Benjamin Campbell, born February 1874, son of Millie and John Campbell, Sr. (Married Mary)

Louis B. Brown, Sr., born in 1916, son of Elvira Campbell and Louis Brown, married Premium "Premmie" Rooks, March 25, 1946, in Mobile County Alabama.

Bob Campbell, 1785-1870s, brother of S. Campbell, and uncle to Samuel and Fannie Campbell(Married Mary)

Bob Campbell, born 1835, brother of Pry/Pryor Campbell(Married Janny, about 1866.)

Celia Campbell, born about 1830, mother of Clora, Frankie and Elvira Campbell(Marrie Pry/Pryor Campbell)

Clora Campbell, July 1851-September 19, 1937, daughter of Celia and Pry/Pryor Campbell, and mother of Elizabeth Graham, Josephine and Isaac Campbell(Never married, but met Edenborough Graham, about 1867)

Elvira Campbell, bron in 1893, daughter of Celia Campbell, married Louis Brown, in Gilbertown, Alabama.

Fannie "Frankie" Campbell, born about 1878, daughter of Celia Campbell (married Mitchell Jenkins, Sr., in 1905.)

Henry Campbell, December 24, 1897-January 1990, in Bladen Srpings, AL, son of Carrie Williams-Campbell (Married Velma)

Jack Campbell, born about 1839, brother of Pry and Bob Campbell, married Aimie.

John Campbell, born about 1842, brother of Pry, Bob and Jack Campbell, married Millie.

John Campbell, born about 1855, first cousin to Clora Campbell, married Adaline Everette.

Josephine Campbell, January 1885-April 29, 1947, daughter of Clora Campbell, died in Plateau, AL.(Met Noah Howard, about 1904, but married a Kirksey)

Lottie Campbell, born 1893, grand daughter of Pry/Pryor Campbell (Met the Reverend Washam, but married Emanuel Thomas)

Mark Campbell, born 1825, son of Mary and Boby Campbell (Married Maria)

Mary Campbell, October 18, 1912-March 21, 1978, died in Mobile, AL, daughter of Carrie Williams-Campbell (Married Robert Hayes)

Pry/Pryor Campbell, born about 1833, married Celia Campbell, mother of Clora, Cora and Elvira Campbell.

S. Campbell, 1786-1870s, grandfather of Pry/Pryor Campbell(Married Harriet)

Sam Campbell, born August 1854, son of Samuel and Eave Campbell (Married Ann)

Samuel Campbell, born in 1816, father of Sam Campbell (Married Eave)

William Campbell, born 1824, father of Mary and Mark Campbell, and son of Pry Campbell, (Married Sara)

William Campbell, born 1853, father of Ivy and Josephine Campbell (Married Ada)

E. W. Dunagan, September 29, 1907-August 10. 1996, son of Margie and Alonzo Dunnagan, married Lela (E.W., died in Alliance, Ohio)

Edinborough Dunagan, born in 1897, son of Margie Graham and Alonzo Dunnagan, married Lizzie in Choctaw County Alabama.

Aaron Graham, born 1823, brother of Edinborough, Robert and Dave Graham(Married Lucy)

Arron "Bone" Graham, born 1877, son of Winny and Edinborough Graham (Married Henrietta, in Toxey, Choctaw County Alabama.)

Addie Graham, February 3, 1909-March 21, 2000, daughter of Henrietta and Aaron "Bone" Graham, died in Alliance, Starke County, Ohio (married LePare Bell)

Dave Graham, born May 1835, brother of Edinborough, Robert and Aaron Graham (Married Cynthia)

Edinborough Graham, born about 1848, in Lowndes County Alabam, met Clora Campbell, about 1867, daughter of Celia and Pry Campbell. He later married Winny.

Elizabeth Graham, 1868-November 1924, daughter of Clora Campbell and Edinborough Graham (Married Elijah Thomas Watson, about 1905, son of Amie Thomas)

Ida Graham, born about 1873, and died August 1935, daughter of Winny and Edinborough Graham (Married Joe Turner, who died the same night as Ida)

James "Jim" Graham, born 1845, son of Edinborough Graham(Married Harriett)

Margie Graham, 1869-1948, daughter of Winny and Edenborough Graham (Married Alonzo Dunagan, son of Hannah York and Tony Dunnagan)

Nettie G. "Net" Graham, died January 1989, daughter of Henrietta and Aaron "Bone" Graham (Married King Davis)

Robert Graham, born in 1834, son of Edninborough Graham (Married Nancy)

Sam Graham, born January 1849, son of Edinborough Graham(Married Mary)

Samuel Leon "Dank" Graham, Sr., born 1939, in Toxey, and passed away, July 12, 2001, in Mobile, son of Tom Graham(married Gracie Mae Robinson, May 29, 1961, in Mobile)

Simmie Graham, August 29, 1907-Decembre 21, 1994, son of Henrietta and Aaron "Bone" Graham (Died and buried in Plateau, Alabama, married Claudia Napier, about 1944, Georgia in the 1950s and Lula Lynette Howze, June 14, 1965. Lula is the daughter of Ida and Ben Howze)

Tom Graham, March 1, 1904-May 1987, in Atlanta, GA, son of Henrietta and Aaron "Bone" Graham (married Corine)

Marzett Hawkins, Sr., October 3, 1921-March 1982, son of Amie Watson and Rail Hawkins (Married Alberta Kirksey)

Matthie Howard, Feb. 18, 1905-April 14, 1972, son of Josephine Campbell and Noah Howard, married Mattie Belle Davidson. Mathew "Matthie", died in Richmond, Contra Costa County California.

Earlie Jenkins, July 7, 1912-November 17, 1997, son of Frankie and Mitchell Jenkins, Sr. (married Luretha, and they also lost an infant, October 1935)

Ervin Jenkins, December 20, 1907-March 1975, son of Frankie and Mitchell Jenkins, Sr. (married Lena West, August 1931, daughter of Jessie and Willie West)

Mitchell Jenkins, Jr., 1891-December 25, 1940, son of Mitchell Sr. and stepson of Frankie Campbell(married Ronda)

Cleveland Todd, December 28, 1901-September 18, 1984, son of Carrie Williams and Augusta "Jerry" Todd (Married Amanda V. Jones)

Early Washam, Sr., February 5, 1916-May 14, 1980, son of Lottie Campbell-Thomas and Reverend Washam (Married Darnella Stallworth Johnson, June 21, 1941)

Amie Watson, bron in 1895, daughter of Elizabeth Graham-Watson, married Rail Hawkins in about 1920.

Chester Watson, December 15, 1903-March 1986, son of Elizabeth Graham-Watson and a Collins (Married Alma Ramsey, in Citronelle, Mobile County Alabama.)

Edenbugh Watson, Sr., February 24, 1911-September 1957, died in Alliance, Ohio. He was the son of Elizabeth Graham-Watson and Sidney Herman/Harmon (Married Annie Nicholson, daughter of Henry Nicholson and Ruby Harrington)

Flora Watson, born 1895, daughte of Elizabeth Graham-Watson (married a Chapman, about 1914.)

Marshall Watson, Sr., March 14, 1897-May 14, 1980, son of Elizabeth Graham-Watson and Ira Burton Morris (Married Flossie Lee Law, 1935, who is the daughter of Jimmy Law and Alberta Pugh Bumpers)

Lena West, July 26, 1910-January 7, 1991, daughter of Jessie and Willie West (Married Ervin Jenkins, August 1931, son of Frankie and Mitchell Jenkins, Sr.)

Willie West, 1886-December 24, 1956, brother of John West (Married Jessie, 1909)


Thank you to all of the family and friends who helped in the digging and research it took, to create this page. Because most of the people mentioned on this page, I did not know, it took a lot of work. I appriciate every bit of helped I received.

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