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The Descendants of Dillie Alston of Coffeeville, Alabama

The Descendants of Dillie Alston of Coffeeville, Alabama
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Her Children Were Slaves On The Cox Plantation of Coffeeville, Alabama
Dillie Alston was born about 1810 in either Virginia or South Carolina. I don't know the exact number of children she had, but do know of six children and one sister. Her sister was Lizzie Cox, born about 1819, in ether Virginia or South Carolina. Dillie's children were Caroline "Cary" Cox-Johnson, who I am a descendant of, Margaret Cox-Johnson, Sarah Cox, George Coates/Coats, Mitchell Nobles and Laura Alston. Lizzie Cox's children were Robert Cox and Fannie Cox, all of Coffeeville, Alabama, and all lived on the Cox Plantation at one point in their lives.
Line Up Of Some Of Dillie's Children

Dillie's daughter Caroline "Cary" Cox-Johnson, children were;
Hannah Cox (married Joseph Williams)
Adam Cox (married Lola Day)
Angelene Johnson
Henry Cox Smith (married Julia Cook)
Charity Cox (married James Day)
Maria Cox
Calvin Cox (married Almira Dickinson)
Eli Cox Brooks (married Isabel Daniels)
Some of them changed their names as they moved to different locations of Clarke County, AL. Hannah and Joseph's marriage came to an end, and she married William Jordan in her later years of life.
Hannah Cox-Williams' children were;
Martha Lindsey Todd Williams (father was John Todd, and she married Robert "Bob" Bumpers, Jr.)
William Caves, Sr. (married Mary Coats)
Mary Williams Pike (father was Benjamin Pike, and she married Eugene Coats son of Adaline Coats, and whose father, Sandy Hatcher, Sr., married his mother-in-law, Cary Cox-Johnson)
Ella Williamson (died as a youngster)
Sarah Williams (married Levert Malone, Sr.)
Jesse James Williams (married Lola, lived in Atmore, AL)
Gus Hurd, Sr. (married Ellen Bush, Rose and Nancy)
Edward "Tucker" Titus (married Clara Moore, lived in New Orleans, LA, father was Daniel Titus)
Carrie Williams (married Joe Koen, lived in Bladon Springs, AL, and twin sister to Georgia Williams-Todd)
Georgia Williams (married Augusta "Jerry" Todd, also a cousin of her sister, Hannah Todd Williams-Bumpers)
Pinkie R. Hayes (married Daniel Randolph, Sr. and her father was Will Hayes)
Alice Morgan (married Eijah "Lyse" Fluker)

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