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Selected marriage, birth and death records for Clarke County.

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Selected Marriages of Family Names

From Book D

Charles Bumpers married Nancy Alston, Decmeber 1, 1866.
R. J. Woodard, Justice of the Peace, performed the service at the home of R. N. Bumpers. (page 32)

Thomas Bumpers married Hannah Williams May 25, 1867. Applied for license, May 24, 1867. R. J. Woodard, Justice of the Peace, performed the service, at the home of S. Williams. (page 53)

Edward Goodloe married Rachel Pugh, May 24, 1867. R. J. Woodard performed the service. (Mother consented to marriage, but no name was given)page 53

Kit Law married Delia Howell, February 29, 1868. Applied for license, February 27, 1868. R. J. Woodard, performed the service at the home of B. J. Coate. (page 69)

Richard Pugh married Ann Beckham, July 20, 1866. Applied for licensce, July 19, 1866. R. J. Woodard, performed the service at the home of James Scott. (page 25)

Harey Williams married Harriett Williams, with the license date of April 12, 1866. (The license was not returned) page 21

Samuel Williams married Easther Cunningham, with the license date of October 9, 1866. (The license was not returned) It has the service was performed by Nat Bracey, at the home of Mrs. Flinn. (page 28)

Martin Williams married Penny Barnes, November 9, 1867. Applied for license, November 6, 1867. R. J. Woodard, performed the service. (page 59)

Isaac Williams married Dorcas Mitchell, February 22, 1868. Applied for license, February 21, 1868. R. J. Woodard performed the service, at the home of Juding. (page 68)

Henry Williams married Emaline Bragg, May 23, 1869. Applied for license, May 22, 1869. John T. Sanders, Justice of the Peace, performed the service, at the home of Jno T. Sanders. (page 88)

Isaac Pugh married Grace Slade, November 3, 1866. Applied for license, September 3, 1866. J. G. Foster, Justice of the Peace, performed the service, at the home of D.D. Daffin. (page 30)

Isham Pugh married Candis Pugh, February 2, 1867. Applied for license, February 2, 1867. R. J. Woodard, Justice of the Peace, performed the service. (page 44)

Toby Pugh married Dorcas Thomas, September 22, 1867. Applied for license, September 14, 1867. R. M. Thomas, Minister of Gospel, performed the service, at the home of Sarah P. Thomas. (page 56)

Sandy Pugh (age 21) married Jane Chapman, December 31, 1867. Berry Chapman (uncle?) gave permission, being that Jane was a minor. Applied December 26, 1867. Service was performed by R. M. Thomas, Minister of the Gospel, at the home of S. Chapman. (page 63)

J. A. Pugh married Jane Greer, April 11, 1868. Mother gave permission, being that Jane was a minor. Mother's name not given. Applied April 10, 1868. Service performed by R. M. Thomas, at the home of A. J. Mott. (page 71)

Charles Pugh married Amanda Chapman, January 3, 1869. Applied for license, January 2, 1869. Service performed by Jack R. Wilson, Judge Probate Court, at the home of Bob Chapman. (a freedman, during slavery) page 80.

Jeff Pugh married Rachel Wilson, August 29, 1869. Applied for license August 27, 1869. Service performed by James Kelly, Minister of the Gospel, at his home. (page 92)

Jack Howze married Silla Brown, October 2, 1869. Applied for license, September 30, 1869. Service performed by E. L. Calhoun, Justice of the Peace, at the home of Foster Brown. (page 93) (Silla is Foster's daughter)

Willis Howze married Betty Williams, June 28, 1868. Applied for license, June 17, 1868. Service performed by by W. M. Campbell, Minister of the Gospel, at the Ulcanish Church. (page 72)

Harry Howze married Palace Brown, July 26, 1868. Applied for license, July 25, 1868. Service performed by W. M. Campbell, Minister of the Gospel, at the Ulcanish Church.
(page 73)

Abraham Howze married Amanda Dickson, July 14, 1866, at the home of Samuel Coate (a freedman during slavery). Service performed by W. M. Campbell, Minister of the Gospel.

Book F

Antony Law married Burr J. Coates, August 31, 1870. Applied for license, August 31, 1870. Service performed by Jack R. Wilson, Judge Law put up marriage bond, no amount was given. (page 74)

Anthony Law married Laura Coats, by Jack R. Wilson, Judge of Probate Court, recorded, September 8, 1870. (page 74) Could be the same as the one above, just updated.

Paris Benjamin married Hannah Jones, January 22, 1872, by Jack R. Wilson, Judge. Recorded February 4, 1872. (page 188)

George Law married Hester Todd, January 28, 1874, recorded January 29, 1874. Signed by Tobias F. Todd. Service provided by Jack. R. Wilson. (page 359)

The information found on this page,
was provided by Lois, who spent many
hours at the Grove Hill Court House,
in Clarke County Alabama. These people
were not the ones she was searching for,
but are the ones I was searching for, and
she passed the information on to me. In
other words, she did these look ups, out
of the kindness of her heart. I can't
thank her enough.

Thank you Lois

Selected Names From the Alabama Death Index

Clarke County Alabama

Clarke County Alabama

Alston, Arcola C., May 1935, v.26, Pg. #12576, r.3
Alston, Elmira, Feb. 6, 1944, v.14, Cert.#6685, r.3
Alston, James M., Sept. 30, 1954, v.35, cert.#17075, r.5
Alston, John Oska, May 23, 1922, v.17, Pg.#8351, r.1
Alston, Richard, Nov. 17, 1912, v.5, cert.#116, r.1
Alston, Theo. R., Aug. 1929, v.40, Pg.#19901, r.2
Beckham, Douglas, Dec. 18, 1946, v.44, cert.#21920, r.4
Beckham, Earnest, Feb. 26, 1942, v.5, Cert.#2465, r.4
Beckham, Gus, Jan. 2, 1915, v.5, Cert.#353, r.1
Beckham, Laurance, Oct. 1939, v.52, Cert.#25698, r.3
Beckham, Rosette, June 13, 1949, v.22, cert.#10912, r.5
Beckham, Spinach, June 3, 1914, v.5, Cert.#35, r.1
Benjamin, Fannie, Sept. 21, 1914, v.5, cert.#26, r.1
Bradford, Benjamin F., Sept. 29, 1913, v.5, cert.#90, r.1
Brooks, Ola, Jan. 10, 1914, v.5, cert.#29, r.1
Brown, Nellie, July 18, 1914, v.5, cert.#31, r.1
Brown, Otis, Sept. 13, 1915, v.15, cert.#346, r.1
Brown, Tempy, July 1932, v.28, pg.#13717, r.2
Brown, Will, Oct. 24, 1908, v.2, cert.#275, r.1
Brunson, Lorenzo, June 14, 1913, v.5, cert.#82, r.1
Brunson, Tallie, Sept. 22, 1913, v.5, cert.#91, r.1
Bryant, Eliza M., May 15, 1915, v.5, cert.#349,r.1
Bryant, Henry, Dec. 8, 1912, v.5, cert.#118, r.1, INF
Bumgarner, Byron, July 6, 1910, v.4, cert.#7, r.1
Bumpers, Arthur, Aug. 25, 1920, v.31, pg.#15189, r.2
Bumpers, Peter, Aug. 17, 1916, v.5, cert.#430, r.1
Bumpers, Robert Jackson, May 27, 1920, v.20, pg.#9558, r.2
Bumpin, Letha, Oct. 29, 1922, v.40, pg.#23761, r.2
Cave, Catherine, July 29, 1959, v.29, Cert.#14063, r.5
Caves, Mary, July 19, 1948, v.27, Cert #13457, r.5
Caves, Wesley, April 1936, v.18, Pg.#8889, r.1
Caves, William, March 5, 1943, v.9, Cert.#4215, r.4
Chapman, Sid, Oct. 21, 1943, v.38, Cert.#18933, r.4
Christmas, Charin, July 30, 1911, v.3, cert.#355, r.1
Coats, Annie, March 17, 1947, v.9, Cert.#4166, r.5
Coats, Felix, Sept. 15, 1911, v.3, cert.#352, r.1
Coats, Ida, Dec. 1928, v.58, Pg.#28522, r.2
Coats, Jessie, Sept. 25, 1945, v.33, Cert.#16315, r.4
Coats, Johnnie, Oct. 1939, v.43, Cert.#21153, r.3
Coats, S. D., June 9, 1918, v.17, pg.#313, r.1 Father
Coats, Tolly, Jan. 26, 1941, v.11, Cert.#5453, r.4
Coats, Willis, June 11, 1946, v.21, Cert.#10334, r.4
Cox, Allen, July 20, 1951, V.28, Cert.#13758, r.4
Cox, Pearlie, July 1935, v.34, Pg. #16923, r.3
Cox, Senior Jr., Aug. 1, 1945, v.29, Cert.#14325, r.4
Fox, Bobbie L., April 30, 1949, v.14, cert.#6623, r.5
Fox, Dan R., March 2, 191948, v.10, cert#4654, r.5
Fox, Dessie M., Feb. 1928, v.6, pg.#2927, r.2
Fox, Dink, Nov. 1928, v.52, pg.#25986, r.2
Fox, Docia, Dec. 28, 1945, v.50, cert.#24625, r.4
Fox, Equiller J., Aug. 1936, v.37, pg.#18491, r.3
Fox, Frankie M., Sept. 12, 1956, v.40, cert.#19864, r.5
Fox, Josephine, Oct. 3, 1953, v.40, cert.#19866, r.5
Fox, L. T., Jan. 6, 1955, v.1, cert.#219, r.5 INF
Fox, Lucy, Oct. 6, 1923, v.39, pg.#19086, r.2
Fox, Mary L., May 30, 1949, v.18, cert.#8820, r.5
Fox, McKinly, April 1937, v.17, cert.#8361, r.3
Fox, Nannie V., Feb. 1932, v.5, pg.#2361, r.2
Fox, Peter, Feb. 1930, v.16, pg. #7836, r.2
Fox, Walter, Jr., May 7, 1943, v.18, cert.#8668, r.4
Fox, William J., April 12, 1948, v.15, cert.#7096, r.5
Fox, Willis, Feb. 23, 1912, v.5, cert.#141, r.1
Johnson, Charles, May 1, 1912, v.5, cert.#152, r.1 INF
Johnson, Donie, Dec. 22, 1915, v.5, cert.#397, r.1
Johnson, Esstell, May 19, 1912, v.5, cert.#154, r.1
Johnson, Francis, Jan. 17, 1914, v.5, cert.#253, r.1
Johnson, Jerry, July 16, 1915, v.5, cert.#398, r.1
Johnson, John, Sept. 28, 1914, v.5, cert.#251, r.1
Johnson, Leadman, July 31, 1909, v.3, cert.#562, r.1
Johnson, Lillie B., Jan. 30, 1913, v.5, cert.#121, r.1
Johnson, Lonza, June 22, 1908, v.2, cert.#295, r.1
Johnson, Lucille, Feb. 22, 1908, v.5, cert.#394, r.1
Johnson, Margaret E., April 26, 1914, v.5, cert.#259, r.1
Johnson, Neolie, Feb. 28, 1910, v.4, cert.#32, r.1
Johnson, Pauline, July 23, 1909, v.3, cert.#561, r.1
Johnson, Peter, Sept. 14, 1914, v.5, cert.#252, r.1
Johnson, Sandy, May 24, 1914, v.5, cert.#258, r.1 INF
Johnson, Mrs. Willie, June 20, 1915, v.5, cert.#400, r.1
Keel, Rhodie, March 1926, v.11, pg.#5461, r.2
Kiel, Edwena, Jan. 8, 1950, v.1, cert.#185, r.5
Kiel, Jim, Jan. 28, 1950, v.9, cert. #4256, r.5
Kiel, Thomas, Oct. 1935, v.52, pg. #25544, r.3
Kemp, Josh, July 13, 1943, v.35, cert.#17009, r.4
Law, Agnes, April 29, 1956, v.14, cert.#6734, r.6
Law, Alla M. (Dorsey), June 1930, v.27, pg.#13018, r.3
Law, Allen E., Aug. 28, 1947, v.36, cert.#17504, r.5
Law, Anthony, Aug. 1915, v.5, cert.#404, r.1
Law, Arthur, July 9, 1941, v.31, cert.#15137, r.4
Law, Bes, Nov. 26, 1922, vol. 43, roll 2, pg. #21300
Law, Buster, June 1944, vol. 22, roll 4, cert. #10903(INF)
Law, Chester, March 1933, vol. 9, roll 3, cert. #04399
Law, Clayton, May 6, 1953, vol. 40, roll 6, cert. #19864
Law, Clementine, Oct. 19, 1955, vol. 39, roll 6, cert. #19155
Law, Corrie C., Dec. 1925, vol. 60, roll 2, pg. #29869
Law, Desta, Sept. 1926, vol. 42, roll 2, pg. #20694
Law, Dorsey, Nov. 1939, vol, 47, roll 3, cert. #23280
Law, Earnest, April 1932, vol. 15, roll 3, pg. #7060
Law, Elmore, Nov. 30, 1943, vol. 43, roll 4, cert. #21048
Law, Else, Dec. 1927, vol. 49, roll 2, pg. #2407
Law, Enos, Feb. 1924, vol. 11, roll 2, pg. #5003
Law, Forrest, Aug. 30, 1958, vol. 35, roll 6, cert. #17408
Law, Frank, May 1934, vol. 20, roll 3, pg. #9969
Law, Frank, Sept. 1938, vol. 40, roll 3, cert. #18709
Law, Frank, Nov. 24, 1947, vol. 43, roll 5, cert. #21066
Law, Jannie, July 17, 1954, vol. 26, roll 6, cert. #12930
Law, Jimmie, Aug. 1935, vol. 34, roll 3, pg. #16936
Law, Julia Luvenia, May 29, 1921, vol. 20, roll 2, pg. #9696
Law, Levert, Nov. 12, 1959, vol. 47, roll 6, cert. #23092
Law, Marion, March 1939, vol. 10, roll 3, cert. #4881
Law, Nancy, July 22, 1918, vol. 17, roll 2, pg. #407
Law, Ollie (Henry), Aug. 1930, vol. 37, roll 3, pg. #18315
Law, Rosa M., Jan. 1938, vol. 1, roll 3, cert. #248
Law, Tony, Jan. 1, 1944, vol. 1, roll 4, cert. #223
Law, Wm., Nov. 1924, vol. 46, roll 2, pg. #22977
Lewis, George, July 24, 1949, v.31, r.5, cert.#15232
Love, Ella, Sept. 12, 1916, v.5, r.1, cert.#487
House, Arelia (Glascow), April 1931, v.16, r.3, pg.7931
House, Cornilia K. (Yancy), Dec. 1932, v.49, r.3, pg.#24419
House, Jim, March 31, 1912, vol. 5, roll 1, cert.#148 Parent
House, Josephine, Feb. 15, 1956, v.5, r.6, cert.#2392
House, Poline, April 30, 1952, v.14, r.6, cert.#6981
House, Verdia (Jesse), Dec.1930, v.55, r.3, pg.#27367
Howze, Agnes E., Jan. 26, 1958, v.1, r.6, cert.#239
Howze, Bertha (Floyd), Nov. 1928, v.52, r.3, pg.#25993
Howze, Cooper A., Jan. 3, 1948, v.1, r.5, cert.#187
Howze, Corndia, Jan. 6, 1941, v.1, r.4, cert.#315
Howze, Curtis, Oct. 12, 1940, v.45, r.4, cert.#22436
Howze, Florence, March 13, 1943, v.91, r.4, cert.#4223
Howze, Floyd, April 1930, v.16, r.3, pg.#7835
Howze, Francis, May 23, 1953, v.19, r.6, cert.#9411
Howze, Isiah, March 4, 1958, v.12, r.6, cert.#5632
Howze, James, Jr., May 25, 1956, v.18, r.6, cert.#8970
Howze, James S., July 1937, v/32, r.3, cert.#15993
Howze, Lem, June 15, 1954, v.22, r.6, cert.#10846
Howze, Lillie Mae, Jan. 1932, v.1, r.3, pg.#247
Howze, Margaret (Alexander), March 1928, v.12, r.3, pg.#5529
Howze, Mathew, July 1930, v.32, r.3, pg.#15797
Howze, Modie, Dec. 26, 1940, v.54, r.4, cert.#26973
Howze, Namon, May 21, 1956, v.18, r.6, cert.#8958
Howze, Palace, Aug. 11, 1920, v.31, r.2, pg.#15198
Howze, Paroah, July 1932, v.28, r.3, pg.#13719
Howze, Precilla (Jack), Dec. 1931, v.53, r.3, pg.#26057
Howze, Quincy, Sept. 25, 1957, v.36, r.6, cert.17838
Howze, Sandy, March 1932, v.9, r.3,pg.#4448
Howze, Yancey, Nov. 19, 1917, v.10, r.1, pg.#406
Lewis, George, July 24, 1949, v.31, cert.#15232, r.5
Malone, Fannie, Sept. 25, 1909, v.3, r.1, cert.#604
Malone, Henry, March 28, 1909, v.3, r.1, cert.#601, INF
Malone, Mary, March 2, 1914, v.5, r.1, cert.#346
Malone, Tab, Feb. 24, 1912, v.5, r.1, cert.#163
Oliver, A. C., Aug. 1938, v.35, r.3, cert.#17397
Oliver, Harrison B., Oct. 7, 1909, v.3, r.1, cert.#523
Oliver, Harry Lowe, Jan. 1926, v.1, r.2, pg.#310
Oliver, John, June 1936, v.33, r.3, cert.#16190
Oliver, John W., Nov. 2, 1922, v.55, r.2, pg.27183
Oliver, John W., Nov. 2, 1922, v.39, r.2, pg.19088
Oliver, Mrs. R. H., June 1926, v.32, r.2, pg.#15937
Oliver, O. C., Aug. 1938, v.35, r.3, cert.#17398
Osborne, Cass, April 16, 1953, v.30, r.6, cert.#14979
Osborne, John D., July 1928, v.33, r.3, pg.#16137
Osborne, Maggie Mae, Dec. 1936, v.57, r.3, pg.28101
Osborne, Mandy, Feb. 19, 1914, v.5, r.1, cert.#396
Osborne, Mary B., Dec.1932, v.49, r.3, pg.24429
Osborne, Mose, Nov.28, 1958, v.53, r.6, cert.#26394
Osborne, Robert, March 1933, v.14, r.3, cert.#06638
Osborne, William, May 1, 1942, v.19, r.4, cert.#9190
Osborne, William R., Nov. 29, 1941, v.4?, r.4, Cert.#23??00
Pugh, Adaline, March 13, 1941, v.11, cert.#4446, r.4
Pugh, Albert, Oct. 1923, v.41, pg.#20253, r.2
Pugh, Albert, Sept. 9, 1941, v.35, cert.#17347, r.4
Pugh, Albert V., Oct. 4, 1955, v.39, cert.#19161, r.6
Pugh, Alice, Nov. 15, 1910, v.4, cert.#42, r.1
Pugh, Allie, April 22, 1910, v.4, cert.#44, r.1
Pugh, Andrew, April 1938, v.16, cert.#7783, r.3
Pugh, Ann, Nov. 1937, v.51, cert.#25342, r.3
Pugh, Anna, May 1933, v.18, cert.#08847, r.3
Pugh, Arlene, June 15, 1958, v.27, cert.#13092, r.6
Pugh, Auther N., June 25, 1945, v.21, cert.#10411, r.4
Pugh, Barry, July 1934, v.35, pg.#17206, r.3
Pugh, Beckham, March 28, 1916, v.5, cert.#504, r.1
Pugh, Ben F., March 19, 1955, v.10, cert.#4520, r.6
Pugh, Bessie L., Nov. 2, 1956, v.49, cert.#24327, r.6
Pugh, Bob, June 1924, v.51, pg.#25367, r.2
Pugh, Bora E., Oct. 16, 1942, v.39, cert.#19453, r.4
Pugh, Carlas C., Nov. 14, 1940, v.50, cert.#24702, r.4
Pugh, Charles, March 16, 1942, v.10, cert.4721, r.4
Pugh, Chester D., Oct. 26, 1913, v.5, cert.#144, r.1
Pugh, Chollot, Sept. 11, 1922, v.48, pg.#23762, r.2
Pugh, Clara Veil, June 1927, v.27, pg.#13169, r.2
Pugh, Cora, Feb. 28, 1957, v.5, cert.#2275, r.6
Pugh, Cornelia, Nov. 4, 1953, v.54, cert.#26509, r.6
Pugh, Creagh, April 1939, v.20, cert.#9999, r.3
Pugh, Cuba, Dec. 29, 1912, v.5, cert.#167, r.1
Pugh, Delia, May 16, 1943, v.22, cert.#10722, r.4
Pugh, Della, Jan. 27, 1916, v.5, cert.#506, r.1
Pugh, Dock, Sept. 27, 1918, v.17, pg.#415, r.2
Pugh, Earl, July 27, 1915, v.5, cert.#528, r.1
Pugh, Earnest V., Feb. 4, 1951, v.5, cert.#2330, r.5
Pugh, Edmond, April 19,1916, v.5, cert.#505, r.1
Pugh, Edward Frank, July 26, 1922, v.34, pg.#16895, r.2
Pugh, Elias L., June 2, 1951, v.24, cert.#11646, r.5
Pugh, Elizabeth, March 2, 1955, v.14, cert.#21328, r.6
Pugh, Elizabeth S., June 29, 1947, v.35, cert.#17026, r.3
Pugh, Ella H., Sept. 13, 1949, v.35, cert.#17336, r.3
Pugh, Emily M., May 27, 1945, v.17, cert.#8336, r.4
Pugh, Greely L., Dec. 2, 1940, v.54, cert#26979, r.4
Pugh, Hal, April 1920, v.15, pg.#7265, r.2
Pugh, Hobson, Aug. 26, 1950, v.31, cert.#15338, r.5
Pugh, Horace p., July 1935, v.34, pg.#16919, r.3
Pugh, Horrie, Aug. 27, 1956, v.36, cert.#17759, r.6
Pugh, Howard W., June 14, 1959, v.33, cert.#16299, r.6
Pugh, I. Z., Sept. 4, 1941, v.40, cert.#19609, r.4
Pugh, I. Z. Virgil, Oct. 3, 1942, v.39, cert.#19460, r.4
Pugh, Infant, March 1929, v.25, pg.#12382, r.3, inf. of Osie Pugh.
Pugh, Isabel, June 1, 1922, v.21, pg.#10468, r.2
Pugh, J. C., Oct. 7, 1916, v.5, cert.#501, r.1
Pugh, James Jr., July 11, 1944, v.27, cert.#13044, r.4
Pugh, Jane, July 24, 1915, v.5, cert.#427, r.1
Pugh, Jane, May 25, 1918, v.17, pg.#390, r.2
Pugh, Jennie, June 1924, v.25, pg.#12181, r.2
Pugh, Jerry, Aug. 31, 1956, v.32, cert.#17819, r.6
Pugh, Jerry M., Jan. 1939, v.1, cert.#271, r.3
Pugh, Jesse, Feb. 24, 1944, v.5, cert.#2467, r.4
Pugh, Jesse E. P., Nov. 20, 1949, v.43, cert.#21497, r.5
Pugh, Jesse P., Aug. 20, 1953, v.36, cert.#17819, r.6
Pugh, Jim Major, May 12, 1922, v.17, pg.#8349, r.2
Pugh, John E., Aug. 1924, v.34, pg.#16813, r.2
Pugh, John M., Nov. 1923, pg.#22367, r.2
Pugh, Julie, June 1936, v.28, pg.#13777, r.3
Pugh, L. J., Feb. 1934, v.5, pg.#2461, r.3
Pugh, Levi, Oct. 1924, v.42, pg.#20951, r.2
Pugh, Lewis, Oct. 1923, v.41, pg.#20244, r.2
Pugh, Lonnie V., Oct. 8, 1944, v.38, cert.#18936, r.4
Pugh, Louiza, July 1934, v.39, pg.#19453, r.3
Pugh, Love N., Dec. 8, 1942, v.48, cert.#23561, r.4
Pugh, Lud T., March 18, 1949, v.14, cert.#6608, r.5
Pugh, Major, De c. 24, 1940, v.54, cert.#26985, r.4
Pugh, March, July 1924, v.43, pg.#22954, r.2
Pugh, Maggie, May 30, 1917, v.10, pg.#347, r.2
Pugh, Maggie, Feb. 3, 1920, v.2, pg.#952, r.2
Pugh, Marie B., July 4, 1947, v.27, cert.#13070, r.5
Pugh, Mary, July 29, 1915, v.5, cert.#429, r.1
Pugh, Mary C., April 1938, v.23, pg.#11436, r.3
Pugh, Mattye, Nov. 8, 1910, v.4, cert.#41, r.1
Pugh, Merida, Jan. 30, 1922, v.5, pg.#2154, r.2
Pugh, Myrtie A., April 1936, v.18, pg.#8893, r.3
Pugh, Nathan, Dec. 1, 1943, v.47, cert.#23275, r.4
Pugh, Nathan E., April 22, 1910, v.4, cert.#44, r.1
Pugh, Nettie R., June 11, 1956, v.23, cert.#11255, r.6
Pugh, Oliver, Jan. 1928, v.28, pg.#13037, r.3
Pugh, Onmie Mae, Sept. 1933, v.55, cert.#27106, r.3
Pugh, Oselen, Nov. 1929, v.59, pg.#29357, r.3
Pugh, Pearl, June 19, 1941, v.25, cert.#12562, r.4
Pugh, Ramiller, July 26, 1944, v.27, cert.#13046, r.4
Pugh, Richard N., June 11, 1957, v.23, cert.#11357, r.6
Pugh, Ricklard, Feb. 4, ????, v.10, pg.#314, r.2
Pugh, Sallie, Sept. 16, 1957, v.36, cert.#17843, r.6
Pugh, Sallie Agee, Sept.1936, v.47, pg.#23081, r.3
Pugh, Samuel, Nov. 14, 1959, v.47, cert.#23093, r.6
Pugh, Sandy, Aug. 1, 1917, v.10, pg.#375, r.2
Pugh, Sandy, Feb. 8, 1941, v.6, cert.#2989, r.4
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Pugh, Scott, Oct. 1928, v.57, pg.#28499, r.3
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More Selected Names From Clarke County, Who Have Passed Away

Beckham, Arvin, Jan. 5, 1909-March 1977
Beckham, Caroline, Dec. 16, 1872-Nov. 15, 1967
Beckham, Earl, July 21, 1881-Aug. 1966
Beckham, Eula, Oct. 9, 1895-Feb. 1976
Beckham, Francis, June 8, 1884-Dec. 1977
Beckham, George, Aug. 26, 1908-May 23, 1996
Beckham, Lawrence, May 11, 1906-Dec. 1983
Beckham, Louise, Oct. 17, 1917-May 3, 1988
Beckahm, Maggie, July 22, 1903-march 1985
Beckham, Mattie, may 7, 1878-Sept. 15, 1971
Beckham, Ollie, June 26, 1908-March 17, 1996
Beckham. Paralee, Jan. 17, 1911-Sept. 15, 1987
Beckham, Peggie, Aug. 1, 1910-Dec. 1983
Beckham, Quitman, July 25, 1900-April 1966
Beckham, W., Dec. 15, 1912-Jan. 1970
Beckham, W., Sept. 27, 1953-Sept. 15, 1989
Beckham, Wayne, Sept. 2, 1894-Jan. 1972
Bekcham, Willie, Oct. 7, 1905-April 1983
Beckham, Willie, Dec. 12, 1934-Oct. 19, 1994
Bumpers, Alf, Jan. 13, 1892-April 1976 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Amos, May 18, 1906-Fev. 1986 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Arnold, Aug. 30, 1884-Aug. 1977 (Salitpa, AL)
Bumpers, Arnold R., Jan. 7, 1921-Aug. 24, 1981 (Salitpa, AL)
Bumpers, Atkins M., July 21, 1918-Nov. 5, 2000 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Bobby G., Nov. 5, 1929-May 5, 1993(Coffeeville, AL)
Bumpers, Catherine, March 20, 1927-Feb. 1986 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Clayton, May 10, 1909-Dec. 1986 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Clyde F., Aug. 20, 1906-June 26, 1996 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Coma R., July 6, 1911-Dec. 31, 1996 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Daisy, Nov. 3, 1906-June 1986 (Salitpa, AL)
Bumpers, Dayton, July 7, 1907-Oct. 1983 (Grove Hill, AL)
Bumpers, Earl, Jan. 17, 1915-July 1977 (Coffeeville, AL)
Bumpers, Earnest, April 23, 1897-Nov. 1972 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Emmer P., June 29, 1899-Dec. 28, 1994 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Essie, July 14, 1906-Aug. 11, 2000 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Esther, Nov. 20, 1900-Aug. 1980 (Carlton, AL)
Bumpers, Eula M., Dec. 27, 1897-Sept. 1988 (Grove Hill, AL)
Bumpers, Irena G., May 8, 1917-Nov. 27, 1998 (Salitpa, AL)
Bumpers, James B., Oct. 17, 1903-July 27, 1988 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, John, April 14, 1885-May 1979 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, John, Aug. 28, 1910-Oct. 1974 (Coffeeville, AL)
Bumpers, Juanita H., Mrch 3, 1922-Feb. 6, 1998 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Lemon, Feb. 7, 1904-Feb. 4, 1987 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Lillie, May 6, 1892-July 1972 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Lula, Jan. 20, 1888-May 1973 (Grove Hill, AL)
Bumpers, Malissa, July 3, 1906-Feb. 28, 2001 (Whatley, AL)
Bumpers, Martha., Apl 12, 1902-Apl 23, 1994 (Grove Hill, AL)
Bumpers, Mary, Nov. 24, 1910-July 1974 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Mary B., Feb. 28, 1905-Oct. 25, 2000 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Mary M., Oct. 18, 1922-April 4, 1994 (Salitpa, AL)
Bumpers, Mayme M., May 2, 1904-May 16, 1990 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Melvin W., Jan. 31, 1928-Aug. 15, 1992(Salitpa, AL)
Bumpers, Milbert, May 24, 1935-Dec. 1, 1996 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Minnie, Jan. 6, 1895-Nov. 1977 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Minnie, March 13, 1880-Oct. 15, 1971 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Mose, July 3, 1880-Aug. 1972 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Myrtie, April 7, 1902-May 1973 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Myrtle, April 12, 1903-Dec. 1975 (Allen, AL)
Bumpers, Nathan, May 16, 1884-Oct. 1966 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Pearlean K., Mch 15, 1937-Mch 22, 1999(Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, R., Nov. 11, 1913-July 1979 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Rhodie, March 1, 1908-July 1985 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Robert L., Nov. 3, 1923-Aprl 22, 2001 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Sadie, Feb. 5, 1903-April 1977 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Sallie M., Dec. 31, 1915-Dec. 3, 1993 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Samuel, Sept. 6, 1901-Dec. 1977 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Tollie, Jan. 14, 1904-April 15, 1994 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Vicie, Sept. 17, 1910-June 11, 1993 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, William, Jr., Dec. 25, 1900-Jan. 1970 (Coffeeville)
Bumpers, Willie, Jan. 8, 1894-Dec. 15, 1974 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Willie, April 30, 1895-Nov. 1975 (Jackson, AL)
Bumpers, Willis, May 5, 1901-JUne 1987 (Jackson, AL)
Caves, Beauty, Sept. 19, 1909-Nov. 1973
Caves, Charlie, Nov. 9, 1904-Sept. 30, 1994
Caves, Eugene, Feb. 16, 1928-June 21, 1993
Caves, Lemmie, July 10, 1918-Aug. 24, 1998
Coats, Bertha, June 26, 1907-Jan. 1983
Coats, Charlie, Jan. 15, 1901-Oct. 1973
Coats, Ernest, June 10, 1905-Nov. 1986
Coats, Frances, Dec. 21, 1919-Nov. 19, 1991
Coats, John, May 6, 1873-July 1967
Coats, John, June 26, 1889-Oct. 10, 1967
Coats, John, April 7, 1896-March 1981
Coats, John, May 13, 1944-July 1974
Coats, Mary, June 15, 1903-Dec. 18, 1988
Coats, Mazie, Sept. 24, 1902-April 15, 1972
Coats, Patience, June 1890-Jan. 1978
Coats, Vivian, July 2, 1911-April 1984
Coats, Walter, Aug. 10, 1914-Jan. 18, 2000
Coats, Wayne, Jan. 11, 1963-Aug. 28, 1997
Creighton, Hannah, Aug. 15. 1883-May 15, 1966
Fluker, Frank, March 15, 1897-June 1974 (Coffeeville, AL)
Fluker, Maggie, March 4, 1907-Sept. 1983 (Coffeeville, AL)
Fluker, Willie, Jan. 4, 1905-Jan. 1982 (Jackson, AL)
Howze, Alex, Nov. 14, 1893-Jan. 1973
Howze, Alex, April 6, 1934-Jan. 1981
Howze, Alf, June 4, 1892-June 1976
Howze, Clayton, April 12, 1937-Aug. 1986
Howze, Ester, Dec. 1, 1917-Oct. 25, 1999
Howze, Gloria, Sept. 2, 1958-Oct. 1995
Howze, Harry, May 25, 1894-Sept. 4, 1982
Howze, Luvenia, Nov. 12, 1920-Feb. 1983
Howze, Mamie, Aug. 3, 1905-Dec. 25, 1997
Howze, Miller, Jan. 6, 1902-March 1970
Howze, Miller, Feb. 10, 1938-Oct. 1991
Howze, Polly, March 21, 1912-June 1892
Howze, Tommie, Nov. 23, 1944-Oct. 1985
Howze, Velma, Jan. 3, 1901-Feb. 14, 2000
Law, A., June 2, 1928-May 15, 1994
Law, Alfred, Jan. 11, 1989-Feb. 17, 2001
Law, Clarence, May 26, 1913-March 1986
Law, Dave, Jan. 2, 1902-July 1974
Law, Eddie, Feb. 17, 1914-March 12, 2000
Law, Eli, Sept. 17, 1909-March 15, 1994
Law, Ellen, Oct. 31, 1932-March 7, 1995
Law, James, May 9, 1947-Oct. 23, 1996
Law, Jasmine, Sept. 18, 1980-Oct. 1980
Law, Jim, Aug. 4, 1900-Dec. 1970
Law, Johnnie, July 6, 1917-Sept. 1981
Law, Joseph, Sept. 9, 1943-July 1985
Law, L., March 5, 1954-April 1995
Law, Mable, Nov. 3, 1915-April 15, 1988
Law, Marie, Dec. 18, 1927-July 15, 1991
Law, Minnie, Aug. 9, 1890-Nov. 1981
Law, Nora, Feb. 1888-June 1982
Law, Ora, Sept. 27, 1924-June 1993
Law, Ora, Jan. 10, 1945-June 1987
Law, Tawauski, April 4, 1964-Nov. 19, 1994
Law, Tinya, June 20, 1916-July 1978
Law, Toney, Dec. 25, 1873-Dec. 1970
Law, Willie, May 22, 1916-April 25, 1989
Malone, Adell, Nov. 24, 1923-Oct. 1977
Malone, Allie, May 18, 1912-Aug. 17, 1994
Malone, Alma, Nov. 15, 1901-Nov. 1985
Malone, Bennie, Dec. 12, 1906-April 1976
Malone, Emma, Oct. 12, 1884-Oct. 1977
Malone, John, Dec. 19, 1938-July 15, 1993
Malone, Leo, April 22, 1919-May 15, 1994
Malone, Lonnie, Feb. 11, 1884-Dec. 1975
Malone, Mary, July 2, 1890-Dec. 1978
Malone, Minnie, May 12, 1911-May 1980
Malone, Price, May 28, 1913-Ju;y 20, 1997
Malone, Rena, Feb. 2, 1892-July 15, 1968
Malone, Vera, April 22, 1914-March 9, 1992
Malone, Walter, Sept. 11, 1905-Dec. 1984
Nicholes, Hannah, Feb. 10, 1905-Jan. 23, 1988
Nobles, Hannah, May 28, 1885-Aug. 15, 1970
Peavy, Alfred, Jan. 27, 1893-Nov. 1977
Peavy, Leo, Jan. 2, 1913-May 8, 2001
Peavy, Leslie, Sept. 13, 1895-March 1987
Peavy, Lorenza, May 9, 1893-March 26, 1994
Peavy, Lula, Nov. 10, 1913-Jan. 1983
Peavy, Rose, April 29, 1879-Nov. 15, 1967

Some Marriages With As Much Information, As Possible, To Go With Them

Abraham Beckham, born in 1895, son of Elizabeth and Augustus Beckahm, married Lucinda Gwinn, February 15, 1940, in Mobile County Alabama.

Augusta Beckham, April 26, 1894-November 27, 1994, daugher of Thomas and Henrietta Beckham, married Arthur Strawbridge, December 28, 1914.

Augustus Beckham, October 1867-January 2, 1915, son of John and Mary Beckham, married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Starkes, in 1888, daughter of Nep Starkes and Suezan Kimball.

Azaline "Azzie" Beckham, born in 1908, daugher of Elizabeth and Augustus Beckham, married Willie Johnson, May 31, 1932, in Mobile County Alabama.

Earnest Beckham, born February 1875, son of Liney an Martha Beckham, married Margaret in 1896, in Clarke County Alabama.

Irene Beckham, born September 1889, daughter of Elizabeth and Augustus Beckham, married Tim Fenley, June 9, 1920, in Mobile County Alabama.

Joannah Beckham, born April 1872, daughter of John and Mary Beckham, married Turner Williams, in 1893, in Clarke County Alabama.

John Beckham, bron January 1841, son of Charles and Judy Pugh, married Mary Beckham, in 1865, daughter of Kate Beckham, in Clarke County Alabama.

Johnnie Beckham, January 12, 1900-April 12, 1999, son of Thoams and Henrietta Beckham, married Francis Frazier,(May 7, 1904-April 22, 1999) October 15, 1923, daughter of Frank A. Frazier and Sarah Thompson, in Mobile County Alabama.

Lenah Beckham, bron in 1874, daughter of John and Mary Beckham, married William Hallie Smithe, December 23, 1899, in Mobile County Alabama.

Oscar Beckham, born Febuary 1885, son of John and Mary Beckham, married Lizzie Gates, August 5, 1918, in Mount Vernon, Mobile County Alabama.

Roe "Reive" Beckham, born about 1861, son of John and Mary Beckham, met Edna Hall, and they had a daugher. Roe later moved to Mount Vernon, Mobile County Alabama.

Rose Beckham, born February 1868, daughter of Sam and Susan Beckham, married Miles Peavy, in 1880, son of Calamine "Cally" and William Peavy, in Clarke County Alabama.

Sam Beckham, born in 1848, son of Charles and Judy Pugh, married Susan Woodson, in Clarke County Alabama.

Savannah Beckham, bron in 1872, daughter of Sam and Susan Bec kham, married Moses Peavy, Jr., in 1893, son of Penny and Moses Peavy, Sr., in Clarke County Alabama.

Solomon Beckham, born March 1891, son of Elizabeth and Augsutus Beckham, married Bessie Griffen, December 20, 1920, in Mobile County Alabama. Bessie was born May 1, 1887-August 1972.

Thomas "Tom" Beckham, born about 18780, son of John and Mary Beckham, married Henrietta Austin, August 4, 1891, and Josephine Starkes, February 25, 1919, in Mount Vernon, Mobile County Alabama. Josephine is the daughter of Nep Starkes and Suezan Kimball.

Fancis Brown, December 31, 1919-November 19, 1991, daughter of Mattie Coats and Alonzo Brown, married Vivian Coats,Sr., son of Willis Coats and Ida Law (Francis and Vivian are both buried in the Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery)

Alberta Pugh Bumpers, September 1889-September 9, 1979, daughter of Martha Todd Williams and Robert "Buddy" Pugh, married Jimmie Law, in 1909, son of Delphia Law, Jim Murphy, in 1925, in Bladen Springs, Alabama, Earnest Foster in 1929, in Lelandm Mississippi, Ed Collins, about 1932, and Earl Williams in 1974, in Mobile County Alabama.

Allie Mae Bumpers, born in 1911, daughter of Martha Todd Williams and Bob Bumpers, married Ed Hatch, January 29, 1962, at the home of Nancy Law and Howard Lassiter, in Plateau, Mobile County Alabama.

Annie Mae Bumpers, June 28, 1906-April 20, 1993, daughte of Martha and Bob Bumpers, married Henry. She passed away in Mobile County Alabama.

Conne Bumpers, January 1, 1899-April 10, 1978, daughter of Martha and Bob Bumpers, married Joe Weavers, from Mobile County Alabama.

Earnest Bumpers, December 20, 1898-February 1978, son of Martha and Bob Bumpers, married Maggie Osborne, in Coffeeville, and later married Ruth.

Elnora Bumpers, February 1, 1920-May 15, 1972, daughter of Connie Bumpers, married Perry Johnson, Sr.(July 2, 1912-August 10, 1973), in Clarke County Alabama.

Hannah Bumpers, 1913-October 6, 1955, daughter of Martha and Bob Bumpers, married Jimmy B., she passed away in Mobile County Alabama.

Nola Lee Bumpers, September 7, 1922-January 17, 1995, daughter of Sadie Bumpers, married first, Reverend Cox, and then Archie Lee Wyatt(May 2, 1912-January 23, 1981). Nola passed away in Oakland, Alameda County California.

Sadie Bumpers, February 3, 1903-April 4, 1953, duaghter of Martha and Bob Bumpers, married Nius Johnson, in Coffeeville. Sadie passed away in Oakland, Alameda County California.

Ollie Bumpers, August 24, 1904-November 14, 1979, son of Martha and Bob Bumpers, married Rachel Kiel, daughter of Alice and Earnest Kiel.

Willie S. Bumpers, Sr., January 1895-Janury 1975, son of Martha and Bob Bumpers, married Minnie Howze, daughter of Piney and Sandy Howze.

Charley Caves, November 9, 1904-September 30, 1994, son of Mary Davis and William Caves, married Carry Williams, in Clarke County Alabama.

William Caves, 1866-March 5, 1943, son of Hannah Williams and Frederick Caves, married Mary Davis, daughter of Sofia Davis.

Annie Coats, born in 1901, daughter of Mary and Eugene Coats, met Miller Howze, SR., son of Henry Howze and Mattie Thornton, and had two children.

Betty Coats, born October 1892, daughter of Mary Pike and Eugene Coats, married Andrew Law, in 1909, son of Jimmie Law and Lucy Malone.

Mattie Coats, born July 1898, daughter of Mary Pike and Eugene Coats, married Alonzo Brown, son of Charley Brown and Frances Turner.

Rosetta "Rosie" Coats, February 1891-July 5, 1966, daughter of Mary Pike and Eugene Coats, married Edward Gamble, in 1906, brother of Moses Gamble, and then she married William "Bill" Oliver,(April 1883-September 30, 1966) about 1910, son of Eliza Oliver.

Allen Cox, April 26, 1876-July 20, 1951, son of Eliza Law and Frank Cox, married Carlena Howze(born April 1877), in 1898, daughte of Piney and Sandy "Toad" Howze.

Charlie Cox, Sr., born December 1863, son of Frank Cox and Eliza Law, married Agnes Davis, in Coffeeville, Clarke County Alabama.

Ernest Cox, born April 1878, son of Eliza Law and Frank Cox, married Maryetta(born August 1877), in 1898.

Jesse Cox, born in 1877, son of Eliza Law and Frank Cox, married Alice(born in 1889), in about 1908.

Minnie Cox, August 8, 1890-November 1981, daughter of Allen Cox and Carlena Howze, married Levert Law(April 1882-November 12, 1959), in 1908, son of Jimmie Law and Lucy Malone.

Sam Cox, born in 1871, son of Eliza Law and Frank Cox, married Priscilla(born in 1856), in 1895.

Senior Cox, December 27, 1912-May 1984, son of Allen Cox and Carlena Howze, married Dessie Coats(September 27, 1907-April 1984), daughter of Jessie Coats and Annie Howze.

Turner Cox, Sr., August 8, 1910-September 23, 1970, son of Allen Cox and Carlena Howze, married a lady with the last name Coats(need help with this one).

Vernon Cox, son of Carlena Howze and Allen Cox, married Rose Coats, in Coffeeville, Clarke County Alabama.

Pinkie R. Hayes, 1884-September 4, 1952, daughter of Hannah Williams, married Daniel W. "Dan" Randolph, Sr.(1875-October 16, 1948), in 1902, in Bladen Springs, Alabama, son of Martha Sargent.

Alex Howze, born April 1892, son of Adaline Law and James Howze, Sr., married Margaret, in Coffeeville, Clarke County Alabama.

Carlena Howze, born April 1881, daughter of Piney and Sandy Howze, married Allen Cox(April 26, 1876-July 20, 1951), in 1898, son of Frank Cox and Eliza Law.

Delphia Howze, born July 1885, daughter of Adaline Law and James Howze, Sr., married someone with the last name Coats(need help with this one).

Dosker Howze, September 1, 1903-April 17, 1980, son of Sandy and Piney Howze, married Ophilia T. Williams, May 18, 1940, in Mobile County Alabama.

Hattie L. Howze, June 13, 1898-January 31, 1980, daughter of Sandy and Piney Howze, married Nathaniel "Buck" Bumpers(August 26, 1894-February 1978), son of Martha and Bob Bumpers.

James "Jimmie" Howze, Jr., December 1874-May 25, 1956, son of Adaline Law and James Howze, Sr., married Elizabeth "Lizzie", in 1899.

Minnie Howze, August 9, 1890-November 1981, daughter of Piney and Sandy Howze, married Willie S. Bumpers, Sr.(January 1895-January 1975), son of Martha and Bob Bumpers.

Nora Howze, February 1888-June 1982, daughter of Piney and Sandy Howze, married Clayton Law, Sr.(June 14, 1877-May 6, 1953), in 1900, son of Frank Law and Adaline Coats.

Sandy "Toad" Howze,1852-March 1932, son of Menervie and Sandy Howze, Sr., married Piney(died April 30, 1952)kin to Jimmie Law,

Gus Hurd, June 8, 1877-July 1966, son of Hannah Williams, married Rose in about 1899, then he married Ellen Bush, and later, in Mobile County Alabama, he married Nancy.

Adaline Law, born April 1849, daughte of Delphia Law, married James Howze(born September 1848), in 1871, in Coffeeville, Clarke County Alabama.

Alexander Law, born about 1834, son of George Law, married Julia Luvinia, in Coffeeville, Clarke County Alabama.

Andrew Law, born November 1883, son of Jimmie Law and Lucy Malone, married Betty Coats(born October 1892), in 1909, daughter of Eugene Coats and Mary Pike.

Anthony Law, 1854-August 1915, son of Alexander Law, married Charlotte, in the 1870s and Mary in the late 1880s.

Cardelia Ivora Lllaw, March 1885-December 22, 1951, daughter of Jimmie Law and Lucy Malone, married Henry Bryant(born May 1880), in 1908, son of James Bryant.

Clayton Law, Sr., June 14, 1877-May 6, 1953, son of Frank and Adaline Law, married Nora Howze(February 1888-June 1982), in 1900, daughter of Sandy and Piney Howze.

David Law, Sr., born in 1904, married Agnes Williams.

Dossie Law, Sr., August 1873-November 1939, son of Nancy Law, married Callie, then Geneva, and finally Allie M. in 1906.

Edd Law, born May 1883, son of Frank Law, Sr., and Adaline Coats, married Maude(born in 1889)in 1908, then he married Tealie(February 4, 1883-A[ro; 25, 1978) in 1912.

Eli Law, September 17, 1908-March 17, 1994, son of Clarence and Mary Law, married Ora Dee.

Eli/Elie Law, January 1, 1896-April 16, 1961, son of Jimmie Law and Lucy Malone, married Lillie Coats(September 2, 1897-October 1968), daughter of Jesse Coats and Annie Howze.

Eliza Law, May 1841-between 1900 and 1910, daughter of Delphia Law, married Frank Cox, in Coffeeville, Clarke County Alabama.

Elmo/Elmore Law, 1894-November 30, 1943, son of Frank Law and Adaline Coats, married Jane Coats(born April 1895), daughter of Jesse Coats and Annie Howze.

Frank Law, November 1851-May 1934, son of Delphia Law, married Adaline Coats,(born April 1859), in 1875, daughter of Amy and Jack Coats, of Coffeeville, Alabama.

George Law, born March 1844, son of Delphia Law, married Mary, and later he married Hester Todd(born in 1854), January 28, 1874, daughter of Ellen Todd,

George Law, May 1879-November 27, 1954, son of George Law, and Hester Todd, married Susanna Abston, June 26, 1918, in Mobile County Alabama.

Henry Law, July 1878-1951, son of Frank Law and Adaline Coats, married Essie(born April 1882), in 1900.

Howard Law, born October 1875, son of George Law and Hester Todd, married Marlena Davis(born in 1896), daughter of Johnson Davis and Amanda Coats.

Ida Law, April 1887-October 1928, daughter of Frank Law and Adline Coats, married Willis Coats(August 1884-May 26, 1947), son of John Coats and Lettie Howze.

Ida Lou Law, June 1890-1995, daughter of Jimmie Law and Lucy Malone, married Clarence Johnson,, son of Standberry and Alice Johnson.

Isabel Law, May 1845-June 1, 1922, daughter of Delphia Law, married Levi Pugh(April 1838-October 1924), in 1865, in Coffeeville, Clarke County Alabama.

Ivora Law, July 22, 1910-May 19, 1981, daughter of Clayton Law, Sr., and Nora Howze, married Carson Law(April 6, 1895-Februayr 15, 1969), son of Dossie and Callie Law.

James "I.J." Law, Jr., February 1, 1922-May 14, 1996, son of Alberta and Jimmie Law, married Mittie Dell Tucker, May 20, 1944, in Mobile County Alabama.

Jimmie Law, April 1853-August 26, 1935, son of Delphia Law, married Lucy Malone(born August 1852), about 1881, and after her death, he married Alberta Pugh Bumpers(September 1889-September 9, 1979), in 1909, daughter of Robert "Buddy" Pugh and Martha Todd Williams.

John Law, born May 1884, son of Frank Law and Adline Coats, married Jimmie(born 1887), in 1907.

Levert Law, April 1882-November 12, 1959, son of Jimmie Law and Lucy Malone, married Minnie Cox(August 9, 1890-November 1981), daughter of Allen Cox and Carlena Howze.

Lydia "Lillie/Liddie" Law, Aug. 16, 1885-Jan. 1978, daughter of Mae Ella Law, married Anthony Brown, S.(May 27, 1887-September 26, 1966), in 1910, son of Rome and Ida Brown.

Mary Law, Octber 14, 1874-May 24, 1971, daaughter of Lucy Malone-Law, married Creagh Pugh(November 1867-Novebmer 1939), in 1893, son of Levi Pugh and Isabel Law.

Milton Law, born in 1900, son of Adaline Coats and Frank Law, married Dester Howze, in Coffeeville, Clarke County Alabama.

Mittie Law, born about 1871, daughter of Nancy Law, married Cooper Aaron Howze(May 1866-January 3, 1948), in 1890, son of Alice and harry Howze.

Nancy Rae Law, March 5, 1915-August 19, 1973, daugther of Alberta Pugh Bumpers and Jimmie Law, first married Doc Mayfield, about 1930, then Howard Lassiter(June 11, 1914-May 17, 1989), January 4, 1941, son of Joseph "Joe" Lassiter, in Mobile County Alabama.

Nettie Elizabeth Law, August 1917-January 20, 1975, daughter of Alberta Pugh Bumpers and Jimmie Law, married Jarome Dickinson(July 28, 1914-December 1983), son of Lucie and Just Dickinson.

Robert E. Law, born February 1880, son of George Law and Hester Todd, married Alice(born in 1884), in 1904.

Sam M. Law, born in 1857, son of Delphia Law, married Cora E. in Coffeeville, Clarke County Alabama.

William Law, January 1864-November 1924, youngest child of Delphia Law, married Piggie Pugh(born December 1863), in 1887, daughtero f Miles Pugh and Nancy Chapman, and later he married Georgia.

Roscoe Malone, born June 1898, son of Sarah and Levert Malone, married Mary Bell, in Mobile County Alabama.

Sarah Lee Malone, June 22, 1895-June 1979, daughter of Sarah Williams and Levert Malone, married Leroy Williams, son of Maggie and Ross Williams,

Alice Morgan, born in 1893, daughter of Hannah Williams, married Elijah "Lij" Fluker, son of Melvina and Tom Fluker, in Bladen Springs, Choctaw County Alabama.

Frank Oliver, Sr., January 14, 1913-March 10, 1992, son of Rosie and Bill Oliver, married Luella Brown(September 5, 1920-April 1986), daughter of Lydia Law and Anthony Brown.

Lurlie L. Oliver, July 15, 1914-October 13, 1981, daughter of Rosie Coats and William "Bill" Oliver, married Henry Cox(August 7, 1907-April 22, 1995), in 1933, son of Maryetta and Ernest Cox.

Margaret Oliver, September 21, 1921-June 12, 1993, daughter of Rosie and Bill Oliver, married John D. Pugh, Sr.(1918-January 1966), in 1939, son of Cora and Andrew Pugh.

Alberta Peavy, born about 1893, daughte of Savannah and Moses Peavy, married P. E. Gilmore, December 28, 1918, in Mobile County Alabama.

Leola Peavy, born January 1892, daugther of Rose and Miles Peavy, married Jack Kennedy, August 5, 1918, in Mobile County Alabama.

Mary Pike, October 1868-April 15, 1955, daughter of Hannah Williams and Benjamin Pike, married Eugene Coats(born May 1864), February 19, 1890, son of Amy and Jack Coats.

Andrew Pugh, October 1864-April 1938, son of Isabel Law and Levi Pugh, married Mariah(born March 1860), in about 1884, then he married Cora(born in 1892), abour 1908.

Chareles Pugh, born about 1810, in North Carolina or Virginia, and died between 1870 and 1880, in Clarke County Alabama, married Judy Beckham, who was from Virginia.

Creagh Pugh, November 1867-April 1939, son of Isabel Law and Levi Pugh, married Mary Malone Law(October 14, 1874-May 24, 1971), in 1893, daughter of Lucy Malone and stepdaughter of Jimmie Law.

Jesse Pugh, born March 1852, son of Charles and Judy Pugh, married Alice Heaulty, daughter of Ellen Heaulty. (don't know the correct spelling of Alice and Ellen's last name).

Lionne Pugh, April 22, 1880-March 1980, son of Jesse and Alice Pugh, married Elmira Bumpers.

Lonnie Ann Pugh, November 20, 1922-May 1986, daughter of Lionne Pugh and Elmira Bumpers, married Willie Clark.

Robert "Buddy" Pugh, June 1867-JUne 1924, son of Charles and Judy Pugh, met Martha Todd Williams(April 1864-May 1961), about 1888, daughter of Hannah Williams, and married Cornelia Martin in the 1890s.

Zeola Pugh, May 11, 1896-September 18, 1988, daughter of Creah Pugh and Mary Malone Law, married someone with the last name Carter(need help with the Carter name, along with some dates).

Alice Taylor, January 26, 1929-September 20, 2000, daughter of Laura and Lawrence Taylor, Jr., married Benjamin Franklin Elmore, October 9, 1946, in Mobile County Alabama, and then Elijah Peters, Sr., October 25, 1962, also in Mobile County Alabama.

Ethel Taylor, September 18, 1905-June 11, 1998, daughter of Laura and Lawrence Taylor, Jr., married Joe Brooks(February 5, 1892-Februray 1972), on March 18, 1922, in Mobile County Alabama.

Lawrence Taylor, Jr., December 1877-January 1934, son of Henrietta and Lawrence Taylor, Sr., married Laura, in 1900, first cousin of Alberta Pugh Bumpers. Lawrence later married Callie, in Mobile County Alabama.

Ruth Kennedy Taylor, June 6, 1914-November 14, 1987, daughter of Laura Taylor, married Curtis L. Dunnigan, Jr.(June 22, 1915-March 1963), on June 23, 1937, son of Amelie Russell and Curtis L. Dunnigan, Sr.

Arcola Todd, November 25, 1925-July 15, 1997, daughter of Cleveland Todd and Amanda V. Jones, married Bonnie Lucas, Jr., son of Bonnie Lucas, Sr.

Cleveland Todd, December28, 1901-September 18, 1984, son of Carrie Williasm, but raised by Georgia and Jerry Todd, married Amanda V. Jones.

John Todd, born about 1833, son of Celia Todd, and father of Martha Todd Williams, married Laura in 1868.

Agnes Lee Williams, July 10, 1933-February 19, 2001, daughter of Sarah Lee Malone and Leroy Williams, married John Henry McMillan, Sr., April 7, 1954, in Mobile County Alabama.

Carrie Williams, born April 1881, daughter of Hannah Williams, and twin sister to Georgia Williams-Todd, married Joe Koen, about 1915, in Bladen Springs, Alabama.

Georgia Williams, April 1881-March 25, 1957, daughter of Hannah Williams, and twin sister to Carrie Williams, married Jerry Augusta Todd,(March 1880-December 16, 1947)on December 27, 1897, son of Leanna and Tobias Todd.

Jesse Williams, August 1870-January 1929, son of Hannah Williams, married Annah, in about 1894, in Clarke County Alabama.

Martha Todd Williams, April 1859-May 1961, daughter of Hannah Williams and John Todd, met Robert "Buddy" Pugh,(June 1857-June 1924) about 1888, son of Charles and Judy Pugh, and later married Robert "Bob" Bumpers,(March 1871-December 13, 1941), in 1893, son of Robert Bumpers and Hannah Cato.

Sarah Williams, July 1874-July 12, 1959, daughter of Hannah Williams, married Levert Malone(born May 1872), in 1891, son of Tobe Malone and Rose Howze.

Henry Woodson, born about 1854, kin to the Beckham and Pugh family, married Dora, who was kin to the Peavy family.

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