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Wilcox County Family Tree (Genealogy Site)
Favorite Family Photos

On this page I've included some of my favorite family photos. If you have some photos you'd like to share with other family members, please send them to me and I'll post them here.

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Enoch "Pops" Benjamin, Jr., Mattie and Enoch, Sr. youngest child, born July 4, 1950. The photo was taken in Trinity Garden, in Mobile County, Alabama, in the mid 1970's (1975). He past away May 7, 2003 in Mobile, AL.


Photo of Royal "Roy" Benjamin, Sr., one of my dad's older brothers. Roy was born, January 5, 1933, in Oak Hill, Wilcox County, Alabama, and passed away, January 22, 1997, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is buried in Mobile, Alabama.


Collins Benjamin, son of Nancy Ramsey Benjamin and the late Sam Benjamin.


Photo of Douglas McArthur "Mack" Benjamin, Sr. Mack is another one of my dad's younger brothers. He was born, May 12, 1942 in Oak Hill, Alabama. He passed away, May 26, 1999, in Mobile, Alabama, at a local hospital.


Mr. Melvin "Jaboe" Jenkins Benjamin, Sr. was Mattie Singleton-Benjamin's second son. He lived most of his life in McIntosh, Washington County, Alabama. He was an outdoorsman, who liked to hunt with his friends.


The headstone of Lewis Benjamin, Sr., lay in the Churchyard Cemetery in Rosebud, Wilcox County, Alabama. He was Enoch Benjamin, Sr.'s baby brother. My dad called him "Uncle Louie". He and Enoch, Sr. were the sons of Richard Benjamin and Minnie McReynolds-Benjamin. Lewis was born March 11, 1922 and died September 27, 1949.


Photo of George "Jake" Benjamin, Sr., one of my dad's younger brothers. Jake was born October 21, 1938, in Oak Hill, Alabama. He passed away, June 11, 1990, in Mobile, Alabama. He is buried in Oaklawn Cemetery, Prichard, Alabama.


Samuel Swift "Sam" Harris, Sr., my dad's oldest brother. Sam was born March 18, 1927, in Oak Hill, Alabama. He served in the Korean Conflict, in the U. S. Marines. He passed away, October 10, 1967, in Mobile, Alabama, and is buried in the Old Plateau Cemetery, right next to his little nephew, Larry James Benjamin.

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