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Singleton Family of Mobile County Alabama
Favorite Family Photos
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Some of my favorite photos of family who lived in Prichard and Plateau, Alabama.

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Photo of Mattie Lucille Singleton-Benjamin, and her sons, after the funeral of Enoch Benjamin, Sr., in Prichard, Al., 1984.


Photo of Mattie and Enoch Benjamin, Sr. and sons, after the funeral of Mattie's oldest son, Samuel Swift Harris, Sr.,in Prichard, October 1967.


Photo of Mrs. Sandra Marie "Sissy" Dickinson-Henderson, in her school days, of 1961 and 1962, in Mobile County, Alabama. Sandra died in June of 2000, at the age of 49.


Photo of my uncle Clarence "Boe" Singleton, the oldest son of Frank and Ada Thompson-Harper-Singleton. Uncle Boe married Carnilia Todd July 25, 1924, and had one son, Frank Singleton, who passed May 12, 1957. Uncle Boe was born July 5, 1900, in Chickasaw, Mobile County, Alabama, and helped his mother Ada run a small store, after the break-up of her and Frank, Sr. He passed away October 1984, in Mobile.


First cousins. Photo of Finitia Singleton and Viniece Singleton-Agee, in Boston, MA. Both born in Mobile, Alabama and both have now passed away, but their memories live on in these photos.


Photo of Russell Singleton and Vineice Singleton-Agee, first cousins. Russell is the son of George Singleton and Augusta Gaines-Singleton-Thomas. Russell was born in Mobile, Alabama, and is also the brother of Finitia Singleton, pictured above.


Photo of Nancy and Howard Lassiter, taken shortly after they were married in Mobile County, Alabama.


Photo of Viniece Singleton-Agee and Edley Singleton, the two oldest children from Frank Singleton, Sr.'s second marriage to Katie Freeman-Singleton. Viniece was born August 4, 1916 in Plateau, Alabama. She passed away January 15, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois. She first married Bennie Jones, December 23, 1930, and had one son. She later married Jasper Agee, and had no other children. Edley "Eddie" Singleton is doing fine.


Augusta Gaines, born March 24, 1890 and died February 1985, married George Singleton, January 8, 1908, she later married William C. Thomas, January 3, 1921.


Mattie, Viniece, Frank, Jr. and Edley Singleton, all from Mobille, Alabama. Mattie and Frank's mother was Ada Thompson-Harper-Singleton and Viniece and Edley "Eddie's" mother was Katie Freeman-Singleton. Their father was Frank Singleton, Sr.

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