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Singleton Family of Mobile County Alabama
Selected Mobile County Marriage Records and Images
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Selected marriages of Mobile County Alabama (Singleton and others)









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Selected Marriages of Mobile County, Alabama

Some dates were recorded from the Mobile Probate Court Records Online, others from family records.

Albert Singleton, born April 1871, and Annie Coleman, born May 1876, married December 7, 1897.

Aline Singleton, born March 1874, and Eugene McMillan, born April 1873, married December 23, 1899.

Bobby Singleton, born January 1855, and Carline, born Arpil 1866, married about 1888.

Clarence "Boe" Singleton, July 5, 1900-October 1984, son of Ada Thompson-Harper and Frank Singleton, Sr., married Cornilia Todd (October 11, 1905-October 26, 1989) on July 25, 1924, daughter of Mattie and Henry Todd.

Charlie Singleton, born about 1867, and Fannie Friend, born April 1879, married November 18, 1897.

David Singleton, born December 1872, and Julia, born July 1869, married about 1895.

Doc Singleton, born April 1876, and Ella James, born January 1877, married April 4, 1893.

Ed Singleton, born March 1866, and Cicile Johnson, born April 1878, married November 9, 1894.

Frank "Bookie" Singleton,Jr., April 6, 1907-January 1983, son of Ada Thompson-Harper and Frank Singleton, Sr., married Rosa Kidd, October 21, 1933.

Helen Singleton, born June 1889, and Elliot Franklin, married April 14, 1910.

Horace Singleton, born March 1880, and Eliza Ross, married November 22, 1911.

James Bossie Singleton, 1902-1976, son of Charlie Singleton, Sr., and Fannie Friend, married Evelyn York(May 3,1902-January 1974), on April 2, 1920.

Julia Singleton, daughter of Edward and Lucy Singleton, born about 1871, and Joseph Case, born about 1870, married June 8, 1889.

Lucy Ann Singleton, daughter of Edward and Lucy Singleton, born June 1872, and Anderson Dozier, born May 1863, married September 9, 1891.

Maggie Bell Palmer Singleton, September 1, 1882-February 15, 1972, married William H. Harris, june 26, 1901, brother of William Harris, Sr.,

Mamie Singleton, born January 1869, and Jessie Wiilliamson, born October 1866, married June 28, 1894.

Martin Singleton, born about 1865, and Annie, born September 1869, married about 1888.

Mary Jane Singleton, March 4, 1899-march 1969, daughter of Fannie and Charlie Singleton, Sr., married Norman McSwain, SR., December 2, 1918.

Mattie Singleton, born 1901, daughter of Rebecca and Nathan Singleton, from Mount Vernon, Alabama, married Horris Bishop Simmons, January 24, 1922.

Mattie Lucille Singleton, December 15, 1908-July 17, 2001, daughter of Ada Thompson-Harper and Frank Singleton, Sr., married Enoch Benjamin, Sr.,(April 7, 1906-Septembr 19, 1984), in 1932, son of Minnie McReynolds and Richard Benjamin.

Milton Singleton, born February 1896, son of Ella James and Dco Singleton, married Luveta Perry, April 3, 1917.

Monroe Singleton, born in 1897, son of Charles Singleton, Sr., married Eberlina Parker, June 21, 1913.

Oliver Singleton, born February 1870, and Matilda, born January 1870, married about 1888.

Rosena Singleton, born 1895, daughter of Nathan Singleton, and Rebecca Arstead, from Mount Vernon, Alabama, married Frank Taylor, December 13, 1911.

Sadie Singleton, born July 1898, daughter of Ella James and Doc Singleotn, married Leander Green, December 8, 1915.

Thomas Singleton, born January 1871, and Francis Irving, born August 1880, married April 14, 1898.

Velma Olivet Singleton, April 13, 1914-June 2, 1995, daughter of Elizabeth Ross and Horace Singleton, married Louis Addison Routte, August 17, 1943.

Vineice Singleton, Aug. 4, 1916-January 15, 1995, daughter of Frank Singleton, Sr., and Katie Freeman, married Bennie Jones, December 23, 1930.

Ella James-Singleton, born about 1887, and George Thomas, born about 1856, married October 21, 1903.

George Singleton, born about 1886, and August Gaines, born about 1889, married January 8, 1908.

More Mobile County Marriages

Charles A. Ansley(52) married Susie F. Norris (27), June 10, 1919 (they lived on Old Magazine Point Road).

Thomas "Tom" Beckham, born in 1870, of Clarke County Alabama. He was the son of John and Mary/Harriett Beckham. He married Henrietta Austin, on August 4, 1891, in Mount Vernon, Alabama. Henrietta was born about 1876.

Augusta Beckham, born in 1895, daughter of Thomas and Henrietta Beckham, married Arthur Strawbridge, son of Ben Strawbridge, on December 28, 1914. Arthur was born about 1892.

Johnnie Beckham, bron 1900, son of Thomas and Henrietta Beckham, married Francis Frazier, daughter of Frank A. and Sarah Frazier, on October 10, 1923. Francis was born in 1905.

Irene Beckham, born September 1889, daughter of Agustus Beckham and Elzabeth "Lizzie" Starkes, marrried Tom Fenley on June 9, 1920.

Solomon Beckham, born March 1891, son of Agustus and Elzabeth Beckham, married Bessie Griffen, December 20, 1920. Bessie was born May 1, 1887.

Abraham Beckham, born 1895, son of Agustus and Elizabeth Beckham, married Lucinda Gwinn, on February 15, 1940.

Azaline "Azzie" Beckham, born 1908, daughter of Agustus and Elizabeth Beckham, married Willie Johnson, on May 31, 1932.

Thomas "Tom" Beckham, born in 1870, son of John and Mary/Harriett Beckham, married Josephine Starkes, daughter of Net Starkes and Luiza/Louisz Kimball, on February 25, 1919. Josephine was born about 1884.

Oscar Beckham, born in 1885, son of John and Mary/Harriett Beckham, married Lizzie Gates on August 5, 1918. Lizzie was born in 1888.

Lenah Beckham, bron in 1874, daughter of John and Mary/Harriett Beckham, married William Hallie Smith, on December 23, 1899.

Cherry Bennett (30) married William Kimbrough (41), March 29, 1911.

Fannie Belle Bentley (18) married Sandy Live (20), December 30, 1919.

Joe Bentley (19) married Corine Smith (18), August 19, 1918.

Lizzetta Bradley (18) married William Giles (21), May 11, 1899.

Carrie Broughton (20) married Sam H. Poe (29), February 6, 1904.

Costellaer Campbell (22) married Henry Fountain (21), August 22, 1910.

Lula Bell marreid Cordon Williams, August 31, 1920.

Alice Bradley married Lorenzo Morris, September 5, 1906.

Fred Brown (17) married Edith Mason (14), July 29, 1897.

Polly Brown married Robert T. Singleton (41), December 9, 1907 (they lived on Magazine Point Road). Robert was born in 1861, and died January 15, 1948.

Margaret Coach (21) married Thomas West (25), November 14, 1894.

Mariah Coleman (18) married Johnnie Singleton (17), August 8, 1907.

Rita Coleman married Jefferson Bush, April 18, 1919.

Maggie Davis (24) married Will Malone (34), November 19, 1906.

Will Davis (24) married Mary Washington (17), December 18, 1901.

Robert Deal (23) married Sarah Woodson (22), February 7, 1910.

Richard Donald (26) married Alice Paton (26), December 21, 1898.

Butler Dozier (17) married Armentine Johnson (19), June 15, 1907.

Amey B. Edwards (24) married Fred Green (57), October 26, 1908.

Francis Fergerson married Phillip Harper, February 13, 1907.

Prston Fluker, born February 4, 1919, passed away, June 10, 1991, son of Elijah Fluker and Alice Morgan, married Leatha Campbell, January 18, 1941.

Jackson Gaitwood, Sr. (18) married Malessa Camis Rice (17), April 20, 1892.

Fannie Pickens married William Murray, September 6, 1894.
Nelson Simon (36) married Rosetta Williams (25), September 13, 1906.

Allen Smith married Lottie Estelle Wilbert, August 18, 1897(they lived on Fulton Street, in West Prichard).

Dan Chaney married Willie Eva Giles, May 6, 1919.

Daisy A. Dukes (19) married Simms E. Woods (22), November 5, 1919.

Elmore Giles married Annie Laura Smith, October 2, 1931.

Isaac Green (16) married Sarah Keeby, December 23, 1897.

Leander Green (19) married Sadie Lee Singleton, December 8, 1915.

George Harris, Jr., June 23, 1899-May 1971, son of Marlinda Singleton and George Harris, Sr., married Ophilia T. Williams.

Lillian E. Harris, Aug. 22, 1905-December 1977, daughter of Marlinda Singleton and George Harris, Sr., married Henry Finkley, July 22, 1925.

Nathan Harris, Sr., July 9, 1897-July 1972, son of Marlinda Singleton and George Harris, Sr., married Ellen Victoria Ford, July 26, 1917.

Norman Harris, Sr., April 6, 1895-October 1966, son of Marlinda Singleton and George Harris, Sr., married Mattie Robinson(July 2, 1894-September 15, 1972), on July 1, 1916, daughter of Ella and Louis Robinson.

Ruby G. Harris, October 12, 1903-January 26, 1997, daughter of Marlinda Singleton and George Harris, Sr., married Johnny Tinsley, SR., October 19, 1922.

Scavelle M, Harris, July 12, 1902-July 1981, son of Maggie and William Harris, married Dorothy "Dot" Smithe, September 17, 1928.

Benjamin Franklin Peavy, born October 1899, son of Dennis Peavy and Rosenna Beckham, married Marzina Diggs on April 15, 1935.

Para Lee Peavy, born in 1905, in Clarke County, daughter of Dennis and Rosenna Peavy, married Joe Marshall, June 13, 1927.

Lota "Lottie" Peavy, born December 1888, in Salipta, daughter of Dennis and Rosenna Peavy, married Stonewall Hazzard, August 26, 1918.

Leola Peavy, born January 1892, in Salipta, daughter of Dennis and Rosenna Peavy, married Jack Kennedy, August 5, 1918.

Nettie Williams (28) married Elisha Woods (41), March 5, 1912.

A lot of these names came from Old Magazine Point Road, and Center Street, in Plateau.

Selected Names From the Mobile Marriage Records (Online)

Listed in the following order; couples names, date married, book# and page#.

Alston, Alice/Joseph C. Smith, 4/10/1902(bk.14,pg.224)
Alston, Alma Laura/Harry C. Burton, 12/11/1907(bk.41,pg.102)
Alston, Corrine/James Madison Vayson, 8/31/1892(bk.11,pg.220)
Alston, David P./Margaret Nelson Case, 11/6/1915(bk.47pg.125)
Alston, Howard/Oswald E. Heidemann, 8/29/1913(bk.45,pg.395)
Alston, John/Cora Williams, 5/14/1891(bk.10,pg.655)
Alston, John O./Fannie A. Hawkins, 1/19/1909(bk.20,pg.577)
Alston, William/Julia English, 10/21/1907(bk.19,pg.548)
Beckham, Augusta/Arthur Strawbridge, 12/28/1914(bk.25,pg.234)
Beckham, Desma/James W. Murphy, 10/28/1924(bk.33,pg.443)
Beckham, Ed/Edith Campbell, 2/9/1910(bk.42pg.464)
Beckham, Elarfair/Abe Bass, 6/16/1892(bk.11,pg.177)
Beckham, Eva/Sam L. Jenkins, 6/1/1912(bk.23,pg.233)
Beckham, Geraldine/Joseph Pierce, 7/14/1920(bk.30,pg.474)
Beckham, Hendon/Louise Labana, 12/27/1916(bk.47pg.695)
Beckham, Hendon/Henrietta Grace Griffin, 11/20/1925(bk.55,pg.687)
Beckham, Irene/Tom Fenley, 6/9/1920(bk.30,pg.388)
Beckham, Jake/Willie C. Gorlott, 3/3/1908(bk.41,pg.235)
Beckham, James/Ada English, 1/6/1902(bk.15,pg.192)
Beckham, Johnnie/Frances Frazier, 10/15/1923(bk.32,pg.685)
Beckham, Lena/William Hallie Smith, 12/23/1899(bk.35pg,639)
Beckham, Lillie/Willie Jones, 2/6/1904(bk.16,pg.484)
Beckham, Mary/Austin Sullivan, 4/12/1909(bk.20pg.675)
Beckham, Mary Stallworth/Thomas J. Campbell, 10/29/1923(bk.54pg.204)
Beckham, Minnie/Lafayette Willard, 9/13/1916(bk.47,pg.523)
Beckham, Oscar/Lizzie Gates, 8/5/1918(bk.28,pg.310)
Beckham, Solomon/Bessie Griffen, 12/20/1920(bk.31pg.36)
Beckham, Thomas/Henrietta Austin, 8/4/1891(bk.10,pg.705)
Beckham, Tom/Josephine Starks, 2/25/1919(bk.29,pg.186)
Beckham, Walter E./Coelie Perez, 6/20/1904(bk.16pg.655)
Beckham, Warner/Fannie Stallworth, 7/24/1914(bk.46,pg.148)
Benjamin, Amanda/Wilson Johnson, 6/7/1915(bk.25,pg.403)
Benjamin, Bessie R./Hiram A. Turner, 2/10/1913(bk.45,pg.1)
Benjamin, Chas/Lizzie Smith, 11/30/1909(bk.21,pg.279)
Benjamin, Clara/James R. Quinlivan, 1/24/1899(bk.35,pg.343)
Benjamin, Cornelius/Willie Rogers, 4/17/1917(bk.26,pg.644)
Benjamin, David/Janie Taylor, 8/17/1899(bk.13,pg.695)
Benjamin, David/Janie Davis, 8/3/1921(bk.31,pg.377)
Benjamin, Effie/Spencer Ponets, 6/8/1925(bk.24,pg.8)
Benjamin, George/Clottel White, 1/26/1911(bk.22,pg.203)
Benjamin, Henry/Corinne Bridges, 7/17/1909(bk.21,pg.102)
Benjamin, Henry/Mary Williams, 7/4/1914(bk.24,pg.663)
Benjamin, James/Bella Overton, 12/16/1897(bk.13,pg.138)
Benjamin, James/Cart May Low, 5/12/1923(bk.32,pg.482)
Benjamin, Lula/William Jackson, 12/15/1992(bk.11,pg.294)
Benjamin, Mary/Lardier Jones, 4/9/1896(bk.12,pg.309)
Benjamin, Mattie/James M. Cook, 1/12/1910(bk.42,pg.420)
Benjamin, Mitchell/Irene Houston, 11/50/1912(bk.23,pg.505)
Benjamin, MItchell/Mamie Williams, 7/3/1918(bk.28,pg.66)
Benjamin, Morris C./Hannah Crenshaw, 6/23/1890(bk.10,pg.390)
Benjamin, Parris B./Eliza Benard, 5/23/1906(bk.18,pg.244)
Benjamin, Phyllis/Jim Hollinger, 2/21/1898(bk.13,pg.209)
Benjamin, Richmond/Mattie Williams, 9/20/1913(bk.24pg.241)
Benjamin, Scrap/Georgia Kelson, 2/25/1914(bk.24,pg.470)
Benjamin, Stella Roberta/Marc Molyneax, 6/22/1920(bk.51,pg.88)
Benjamin, Vera R./Sherrod M. Wesley, 12/8/1925(bk.56,pg.9)
Benjamin, Virginia/Robert Vassar, 11/15/1913(bk.24,pg.316)
Benjamin, Will/Ellen McKee, 12/27/1919(bk.30,pg.66)
Benjamin, William/Ophelia Trainier, 2/18/1914(bk.24,pg.459)
Benjamin, William/Altonia Steele, 3/1/1920(bk.30,pg.183)
Benjamin, William/Alice Gray, 9/15/1923(bk.332,pg.640)
Bumpers, Daisey/Marzette A. Young, 2/15/1921(bk.31,pg.138)
Bumpers, John D./Lady Ga Mtichell, 8/30/1919(bk.29,pg.551)
Bumpers, Mary/John Chapman, 12/12/1891(bk.11,pg.41)
Caves, Curt/Queene Quinly, 3/10/1919(bk.29,pg.211)
Caves, Lula/Dan Adams, 9/14/1914(bk.46,pg.234)
Coats, Fannie/Frank Atkins, 7/9/1906(bk.18,pg.328)
Coats, Ida/Dan Carey, 2/27/1901(bk.14,pg.537)\
Coats, Lucy/Hughley Daniels, 7/30/1906(bk.18,pg.370)
Coats, Mary/George Mack, 4/18/1901(bk.14,pg.586)
Coats, Mary A./Jeff Roberson, 12/24/1906(bk.18,pg.636)
Coats, George/Anna Moore, 4/21/1889(bk.10,pg.42)
Coats, George/Huldy McDoe, 4/18/1910(bk.21,pg.460)
Coats, John Green/Sallie Francis Baumhauer, 6/10/1919(bk.50,pg.31)
Coats, Johnie/Emma Dandriedge, 2/27/1908(bk.20,pg.137)
Coats, Solomon/Sarah Coleman, 7/1/1905(bk.17,pg.465)
Coats, Vivian A./Vernon Reaves, 3/14/1922(bk.52,pg.612)
Coates, Marie/Porter N. Morrissette, Jr., 3/8/1918(bk.27,pg.525)
Coates, Rosa/Will Anderson, 1/18/1919(bk.29,pg.88)
Coates, Theresa C./Richard Edward Pratt, 8/14/1906(bk.40,pg.22)
Coates, Willie/Freddie Johnson, 5/1/1916(bk.26,pg.155)
Dale, William/Tupper Alice Denby, 1/10/1910(bk.42,pg.415)
Dunnigan, Arma Eliza/Robert Bibbs, 5/30/1925(bk.33,pg.698)
Dunnigan, Cloran/Percy Tucker, 9/6/1919(bk.29,pg.567)
Dunnigan, Ruth/Shield Williams, 11/26/1924(bk.35,pg.466
Fenley, Jessie/Henrietta Vincet, 5/20/1890(bk.10,pg.364)
Fenley, Mary/Frank Morgan, 8/11/1910(bk.21,pg.603)
Fenley, Maude/John Michael Gary, 12/14/1920(bk.51,pg.493)
Fenley, Tom/Tim/Irene Beckham, 6/9/1920(bk.30,pg.388)
Flott, Edward/Maggie Williams, 9/23/1908(bk.20,pg.408)
Flott, Horice/Rosanna Briges, 4/19/1902(bk.15,pg.298)
Flott, Ida/Toman Smith, Jr., 11/12/1917(bk.27,pg.225)
Flott, James/Janette Files, 5/26/1900(bk.14,pg.271)
Flott, James/Precilla Armstead, 6/13/1920(bk.30,pg.395)
Flott, James Jr./Annabel York, 12/27/1922(bk.32,pg.312)
Flott, Joe/Rilla Jones, 12/11/1906(bk.18,pg.584)
Flott, Laura/Hernden Steele, 9/22/1920(bk.30,pg.578)
Flott, Lenzy/Cmella York, 3/9/1908(bk.20,pg.150)
Flott, Mary/William D. Armstead, 6/22/1906(bk.18,pg.292)
Fluker, Annie/Edward Ozbolt, 2/9/1910(bk.42,pg.465)
Fluker, John W./Annie M. Carter, 12/9/1915(bk.47,pg.147)
Fluker, Leslie/Letitia Collins, 10/1914/1908(bk.20,pg.439)
Fluker, Maggie L./Warren P. Roberts, 1/20/1903(bk.37,pg.420)
Fluker, Mattie/Jack J. Watson, 10/21/1907(bk.19,pg.554)
Fluker, William D./Elizabeth Freeland, 5/14/1900(bk.36,pg.71)
Gwinn, Alberta/James Snow, 5/9/1921(bk.31,pg.279)
Gwinn, Eddie/Caroline Harris, 11/15/1920(bk.30pg.675)
Gwinn, S. William/Carrie Rhodes, 11/20/1924(bk.33,pg.459)
Gwinn, Walter/Anna Bell Campbell, 3/8/1924(bk.33,pg.165)
Harris, F. Henry/Virginia H. Rogers, 2/7/1910(bk.21,pg.381)
Harris, Frank/Ninzora Nance, 8/16/1904(bk.38,pg.455)
Harris, Frank/Melissa James, 8/5/1918(bk.28,pg.312)
Harris, Frank H./Louisa Singleton, 1/1/1898(bk.13,pg.156)
Harris, Fred/Lea Clarke, 12/6/1922(bk.332,pg.276)
Harris, Freddie/Annie Landrum, 8/14/1904(bk.17,pg.24)
Harris, Freddie/Mamie Rey Howard, 7/21/1922(bk.32,pg.88)
Harris, George/Alice Freely, 6/19/1893(bk.11,pg.432)
Harris, George/Arlinda Singleton, 5/2/1894(bk.11,pg.642)
Harris, George/Martha Burden, 4/29/1901(bk.14,pg.597)
Harris, George/Martha Steavison, 2/6/1911(bk.22,pg.221)
Harris, Geroge H./Caroline Jones, 3/26/1901(bk.14,pg.567)
Harris, George R./Ellen L. Dukes, 5/10/1923(bk.53,pg.609)
Harris, Roberta/William J. Thompson, 9/23/1907(bk.19,pg.386)
Harris, Rosa/Sam Harris, 5/19/1891(bk.10,pg.659)
Harris, Rosa/Albert C. Michael, 6/24/1914(bk.24,pg.642)
Harris, Rosa/Augustas Gales, 11/18/1915(bk.25,pg.587)
Harris, Rosa/Ernest Wright, 8/8/1925(bk.34,pg.81)
Harris, Rosa Lee/Hubard Augusta, 1/25/1917(bk.26,pg.552)
Kimball, Aldonia/Hubbie Brown, 2/15/1912(bk.23,pg.64)
Kimball, Alice Stroud/Thomas W. Johnson, 4/26/1898(bk.35,pg.108)
Kimball, Alonzo/Hattie Bowers, 2/11/1904(bk.16,pg.492)
Kimball, Alonzo/Lillian Williams, 12/18/1918(bk.29,pg.4)
Kimball, Amelia/Eben Powell, 10/24/1906(bk.18,pg.504)
Kimball, Anna/Will Jefferson, 6/25/1906(bk.18,pg.293)
Kimball, Arthur/Rosina Lavelle, 6/2/1896(bk.34,pg.208)
Kimball, Arthur F./Florence M. Sheip, 2/23/1922(bk.52,pg.589)
Kimball, Bettie/Aleck Jackson, 8/11/1892(bk.11,pg.205)
Kimball, Brady/Nan Wilson, 1/11/1899(bk.13,pg.494)
Kimball, Callie/William Aaron, 6/17/1902(bk.15,pg.375)
Kimball, Calvin/Osenier Edwards, 7/9/1902(bk.15,pg.401)
Kimball, Christina/Minor Sylvester, 6/18/1918(bk.27,pg.688)
Kimball, Claude E./Allene C. Broughton, 9/15/1915(bk.47,pg.38)
Kimball, Edmund/Mary Roberson, 1/27/1915(bk.27,pg.346)
Kimball, Ella/Charlie Fillmore, 9/10/1918(bk.28,pg.482)
Kimball, Ethel Gray/Raymond V.E. Lebeau, 12/28/1915(bk.47,pg.172)
Kimball, Fay/Sarah Saffen, 3/17/1919(bk.49,pg.560)
Kimball, Frank/Rebecca Horns, 10/6/1919(bk.29,pg.610)
Kimball, Leroy/Julia Lott, 10/19/1907(bk.19,pg.542)
Kimball, Lillie Belle/Robert M. Henderson, 4/29/1907(bk.40,pg.435)
Kimball, Lizzie/Solomon Bowling, 6/19/1915(bk.25,pg.419)
Kimball, Minnie Louise/Phocion P. Thrasher, 12/17/1901(bk.36,pg.639)
Kimball, Rufus/Emma Moorer, 1/24/1907(bk.18,pg.691)
Kimball, Susie/Joe Nettles, 4/9/1920(bk.30,pg.256)
Law, Alex/Coretta Warren, 1/28/1907(bk.19,pg.5)
Law, Emelie/Hans R. Olsen, 10/25/1921(bk.52,pg.388)
Law, George/Susanna Abston, 6/26/1918(bk.28,pg.40)
Law, Hannah/Allen Dodds, 2/17/1890(bk.10,pg.280)
Law, Josephine R./Ralph B. Allen, 10/2/1920(bk.51,pg.313)
Lawe, Rose/Bernard Palissy Evans, 9/6/1914(
McBride, Angeline/Warren Battle, 1/30/1924(bk.33,pg.128)
McBride, Byrtie A./Thomas L. Revere, 11/6/1915(bk.47,pg.110)
McBride, Clara/Willie M. Williamson, 11/1/1910(bk.43,pg.84)
McBride, Cora B./Patrick Murphy, 4/8/1896(bk.34,pg.171)
McBride, Dagmar/Walter A. Thompson, 11/26/1918(bk.28,pg.659)
McBride, Eliza/Tommie Travis, 12/17/1923Ibk.33,pg.51)
McBride, Eloise/Frank J. Rohmer, 7/19/1912(bk.44,pg.334)
McBride, Emma Alberta/George Sullins, 11/9/1909(bk.21,pg.232)
McBride, Joe Battle/Melvina King, 11/24/1909(bk.21,pg.263)
McBride, John/Jessie Standford, 4/27/1920(bk.50,pg.696)
McBride, John/Agnes Frost, 3/2/1921(bk.31,pg.167)
McBride, Rhett/Alberta Griffin, 9/30/1914(bk.46,pg.274)
McBride, Richard/Lou Ella Twitty, 10/16/1895(bk.12,pg.191)
McBride, Thomas A./Mattie C. Astor, 8/27/1917(
McBride, Walter/Vienna G. Hendrson, 12/21/1923(bk.54,pg.311)

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